• Yes, the ruble can rebound.

    While I am by no means an expert in the are, I do think that the ruble has the chance to rebound from the recent drops. The opportunity may be slim but it is definitely possible. The market is so unpredictable until I have to give it a chance, even if it takes longer than some people would like.

  • Yes, the ruble will rebound.

    Russia is seeing a marked devaluation of the ruble and Putin has no one but himself to blame for it. The Russian economy is very fossil fuel dependent and with recent drops in the cost of oil, the economy took a hit. What is worst is Russia's involvement with Ukraine led to economic sanctions which are causing the ruble to degrade.

  • No, the ruble has no chance of rebounding any time soon.

    No analyst, no matter how insightful, could have predicted the chain of events that has led to the dire situation in Russia. As the West hit Russia with economic sanctions, Russia's leaders laughed them off, and not without reason; as long as oil prices remained at their standard levels, Russia could likely survive these sanctions relatively unscathed. But the Russians had no idea that OPEC would allow oil prices to fall freely, causing them to drop to unprecedented prices. With the Russian economy so dependent on energy revenue, it does not look as though the ruble will rebound anytime soon.

  • Putin's stubbornness will delay the rebound of the ruble for years

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has seen his domestic popularity soar while waging his campaign of aggression against Ukraine. There is no indication that the downfall of his economy will stop him, and if he doesn't cease hostilities, the sanctions largely responsible for the ruble's collapse will likely get even worse. With oil prices likely to remain low as well, there is little hope for the ruble to rebound anytime soon.

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