Can the theory that there is a God be proven?

Asked by: Noctan
  • Of course, there is. Only, I don't have it.

    People just can't believe that the evidence is real. But, yes. There can be. I don't have it, but others do. No-one really understands that the evidence is real, because they wouldn't bother to believe God exists. You will only go to heaven if you believe in God. God's enemy, the Devil, is trying to distract you with other religions. He's trying to get you to be any religion apart from Christian, because he doesn't want you to be saved. If you want to go to Heaven, take Christianity, or else, you're going down. To. Hell.


  • Logic, rationality, philosophy, history, scriptures, common sense, experience, EVERYTHING, points towards God's existence.

    Everything in the universe is evidence of God's existence. God is the Creator, Creator of everything, including time and space, which makes up the boundaries of this universe. Because the Creator created time and space, it is not bound by it, therefore, God, or the Creator, does not exist WITHIN this universe. And this universe is a finite, physical world, and the Creator is outside it, therefore the Creator is not physical, but metaphysical, or a spiritual entity beyond the realm of our human understandings.

    This universe has been proven finite, therefore, it had a beginning. All things that had beginnings were created or brought into existence by a cause, the cause was the Creator of course, that created this universe, that brought it into existence, and evolved it in stages and formed everything perfectly and magnificently. Many great scholars and philosophers and scientists in the past, including Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton believed that God existed, and they had logical and rational reasons for it, as I am presenting now.

    These are just basics. There has to be a creator of this massive illusion that we live in, it is impossible (except with a closed mind), to say that this universe, the condition that it is in now, was not intelligently crafted, and was brought into existence from absolutely nothing.

    If that were the case, the same laws would still apply now. Why don't random elephants just pop into existence in random places? We can see that there are laws that govern this universe, who designed these laws in the first place? The Mastermind of course! God is that mastermind.

    Evolution could not have continued on without the one controlling it, the one who planned it all from the beginning, the one who perfected it, the one who slowed it down and sped it up.

    God is The Source of everything, it is impossible to deny. All of the knowledge that we have regarding this universe and everything in it, is from God, the Creator, Himself, as He designed, constructed, and perfected this universe. Evolved it, and one day, will bring it to its end, whenever He wills. There is no shadow of a doubt that He has full knowledge of this universe and everything in it.

    Not only does the Creator have full knowledge of it, His power and reign stretches forth even beyond the edges of the universe. He is The Omnipotent, The Omnipresent, and The Omniscient.

    He is the Transcendent. He is beyond this universe, and infinitely beyond us. God is Eternal, an infinite being. The universe is finite, and we are part of the universe, we are also finite. It will come to an end, just as it had come into existence. But God is forever, God exists without a place, without a time period, without relations. God is One.

  • Of course it can

    I am an agnostic, and do not think that there is a god, yet one could be proven. I don't believe in Santa, yet if he flew to my house on reindeer, I would think twice about my disbelief in him. No matter how slim the chance that something like god exists, one could prove itself, and therefore it is impossible to state otherwise.

  • If God is real yes.

    I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, because from your extended response it seems like you might have just been asking if God exists. To which I would reply, I don't know, I can't give an answer to that. However, to the question you posed, can the theory be proven, yes it most certainly could. If God exists, and for the sake of the question I assume you were refering to the Abrahamic God, and he existed, he could reveal himself to the world. He could send a new prophet to Earth, maybe reincarnate Jesus or send some Jewish or Islamic prophet, and have them preform miracles which wholly defy laws of physics to the point that it would be impossible to assume anything other than supernatural intervention that caused it. Or he could possess a mountain and go on a trek across the globe, spreading word of his existence as a giant mobile Mount Rushmore. So to state my point more succinctly, if the theory of God is true, of course it could be proven, if God chose to. Because he's God, he can do whatever he wants.

  • Only if valid.

    Similar questions of possibility have been asked at various points in history... About flight, curvature of the earth, center of the universe, etc. The mere fact that "proof" has not YET been discovered does not mean that compelling evidence could never be introduced and/or recognized. At one time flight was viewed as magic, then science fiction; now we recognize it as science fact. "God" is currently recognized as a variation on magic. Science fiction fans will recognize an omnipotent life form from Star Trek as the being known as "Q". One day we might come in contact with "God" in a manner similar to the characters in Star Trek. It is entirely possible that at various points in history these encounters have already occurred.

    Proof (henceforth "it") may or may not currently exist.
    If it DOES NOT currently exist, it may one day.
    If/when it DOES exist, it may or may not be within the range of our perception.
    If/when it is within the range of our perception, we may not be technologically capable to perceive it yet. We may never be technologically capable to perceive it.

    For these reasons, the lack of evidence supporting an argument that states "invisible item X exists", cannot be used to show that said argument is false, only that it is unsupported by currently recognizable facts. Conversely the argument that "invisible item X does NOT exist" is invalid and can never be valid.

  • Yes, but it doesn't need to be physical evidence

    Firstly, things do not need to be verified in order for them to exist. And I agree with the guy on the right who says that most christians use the bible as evidence, which cannot be used. Take your great great great great grandmother for example - she cannot be physically verified but we know she existed because of logical reasoning (due to the fact that we are here today, so logically she must have existed)...

    Using logical reasoning we can prove God's existance...

    1) Everything in existance has a cause (nothing can simply plop into existance... E.G. Our cause is that our parents decided to get jiggy with it...)
    2) The universe has a beggining (as proved by science via the big bang theory suggesting that the universe has a starting point)
    3) Therefore there must be a cause due to point 1
    4) The nature of this creator cannot be part of the universe, since it cannot have existed within something that it will create in the future, therefore the nature of the creator must be a supernatural being outside the creation of the universe...

    I am a christian because of this reasoning, so if anyone disagrees for some reason, by all means point out the problem
    The only problem i can see is that you can use the before mentioned argument and say 'Who created God'? But if we assume that that happened, then the universe can never have existed... Therefore there must be an end point, called God, who created the universe.

  • Yes, it is would be possible to prove God.

    Firstly, I'm not "religious" in the least bit but I do believe in the existence of a creator. To even begin this conversation we must first define what we mean by God. God (noun) - being perfect in power, goodness and worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe. This definition can both apply to religious and scientific studies. In physics, the one thing that fits this description in science is "energy". Energy IS power and often regarded as the ruler of the universe. So by using this definition, the theory of God can be seen to have been proven with E=MC², the discovery of the electron, along with quantum research that has proven energy to exist in everything in our universe including empty space. And that we were created out of this energy in "Gods" image, which Einstein theory of special relativity proves our body mass is directly equal to this energy.

  • Yes, with caveats

    You can prove a positive you can't prove a negative. So the way the question is posed, yes it's possible. Whether anybody/thing could ever actually produce hard evidence to support the hypothesis, is a whole different matter altogether. I can certainly think of the sort of evidence I would expect to be presented with to make a convincing argument and it doesn't involve circular reference or anecdotes!

  • Well I'm not necessarily sure but I think it could

    First you would have to define exactly what a god is. Once you do that then you can focus on exactly what is unique in quality only to that being or force and then form experiments to test the validity of it. This is an incredibly hard thing to prove considering that anything supernatural pretty much is impossible to observe because we live in the natural world and anything supernatural could not exist within our realm, therefore making it very difficult to test. Could a god exist and be far beyond our methods of comprehension, of course. However, if this is the case then in my opinion any religion that centers itself around a god has no justifiable ground to stand on as assumptions are being made on behalf of that god who is not capable of stating anything on its own due to it being above our understanding. Any holy book is invalid by default because how could you assume the desires of an unknowable deity, and that's if it has any.

  • While I'm an atheist, I say yes.

    First, there is no "theory" of God. God is a hypothesis, which means it is an idea that COULD be true. A theory, however, is a hypothesis that has been tested extensively and supported by evidence. God has not. Therefore, it is a hypothesis. Of course God COULD be proven, but I find it incredibly unlikely. I put the exact same odds on God being proven as I do leprechauns and unicorns being proven.

  • No, God cannot be proven

    First off, I don't believe in God in the first place. This is because there is evidence that goes against his existence. There wouldn't be Atheists or much of any religion if God could be scientifically proven. Many use the Bible as an object of proof. The Bible is not fact. It is a book of fiction. Many also use the argument of the banana, and how it is so easy for us to eat. This does not prove anything. The argument says that it's so easy to eat, it obviously was designed for us by God. This can't be proven. It is ridiculous to assume that because a banana is the way it is, that there is a God. It is ridiculous to assume that because of a book, that men wrote, says there is a God, there is.

  • Definitely not, supernatural is false.

    It defies all the laws of physics to have a supernatural being control or create mortal beings whilst being immortal and not physically there, when it is apparently as it can create, therefore from the laws and background of physics, its theoretically impossible for a supernatural force that is still unknown of it origins to create a mortal being. As we do not have any such result or climax to what that comprehends or any evidence to the theory. There is no GOD, just SCIENCE.

  • Of course not.

    The idea of a "god" is untestable, subjective, and completely non-falsifiable. How would one then go about proving such a premise?
    People have been attempting to prove their various gods exist for millennia. The fact that none of them has ever managed to do so should ring some alarm bells.

  • Most Probably Not.

    The idea of God is not a theory, it is an act of faith. It can only be found to be true or untrue after death. There is no way it can be discovered either way during life. To put it simply: if there is no God, then the universe is a miracle of physics, if there is a God, (s)he is infinitely beyond anything we could ever understand and/or imagine.

  • A God cannot be proven at all.

    I'm an Agnostic, so I'm open to the fact he is and isn't real, but there is no evidence to support his existence at all! I mean, those that claim they have evidence can be disproven, and I have yet to see one shard of evidence that can prove a God exists. The Bible does not prove a thing, the idea of intelligent design can be easily overlayed, although it is possible, but as I said no evidence can prove any of this.

  • Define "God" firstly.

    The concept of God is one that can be seen from multiple different angles. For a Pantheist God is the sum total of everything in existence. I cannot argue with that because of my support of believing of existence. Now if you are referring to the Christian God certainly not. The Christian God is defined by the bible which I do not believe is scientifically proved to be accurate. If what you are asking is can the general belief in a higher power be proved my answer is simply I do not claim to have the knowledge to answer your question an in fact no one does.

  • God cannot be definitively proven.

    It is common knowledge that the notion of an omnipotent and omniscient God is an unfalsifiable statement. Much like the old "I have and invisible, intangible T-Rex who helps me do my homework" "No you don't" "Well prove I don't". Since there are no known ways to scientifically test for the existence of a God or invisible, intangible T-Rex' their cannot be any proof. I am Atheist but perhaps in the future with further studies into quantum physics, we might find evidence of an intelligent designer. But until then, stay atheist!

  • Consider this retards...

    The bible states that god created the universe and everything that is in it. I have a few points here

    If god created us to be physical beings, how come he made people that would have bad intentions? If everybody has morals, how come some don't, take hitler for example. Technically god created him and he had no morals. Satan could not have created him, h was a dead angel.

    If god created the universe, how would he exist. Before the universe existed there was nothing. If so then how would god exist to create the universe.

    All the evidence you have to prove that god is real is from the bible, which was a book. Your basing your justification on a book that was written by somebody. People were crazy in the old ages. So how do you know it was even written by Jesus? You don't, you assume its true because its in a book

  • Never. Ever. Ever.

    The concept of God is an unfalsifiable hypothesis, meaning that it cannot be proven nor disproven. And considering that religious people will continue to make excuses on why God doesn't just show up and prove himself, then we'll never know.
    Also religious books are not proof either, those were written by men.

  • There is no proof

    Although many people think the bible is proof of the existence of god, this is ridiculous. It could be a work of fantasy that a random group of people made up- it is written by man with no scientific proof of knowing about god. Anyone could write a book about how dogs secretly rule Mars, hide it somewhere, and wait for someone to find it and show it to the world. Does that mean it is true? Certainly not. This is the same for the bible. Did God himself (if he really exists) wrote the bible? Nope. Because of this, no one will ever really know if the bible is true.
    You may think I was just talking about the bible and not evidence of god, but every single person I ask who believes in god says that the evidence that god is real is the bible.

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AnonyFeline says2013-07-10T08:45:15.493
The idea of God is not a theory, it is an act of faith. It can only be found to be true or untrue after death. There is no way it can be discovered either way during life. To put it simply: if there is no God, then the universe is a miracle of physics, if there is a God, (s)he is infinitely beyond anything we could ever understand and/or imagine.