Can the treasury issue coinage to meet Congress' spending?

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  • No, the issuance of more coinage would not be good.

    The issuance of more coinage to allow for more spending by congress would be inflationary. The best way to meet the spending needs of congress is to reduce the amount of spending, lower taxes and require that the government move toward getting to a balanced budget by looking at the various welfare programs and finding ways to reduce size of them.

  • Congress cannot interfere in issuing coinage

    Issuing new coinage skews the supply and demand of the American capitalist system, inflating the number of coins circulating in relation to the value of the system. More coins allows for more spending, but without capital to back the coins, it weakens spending power, for Congress itself as well as for the general population.

  • No, it would be a bad idea to issue more coinage.

    The misconception is that it is the Federal government itself that prints more money and injects it into the supply. In fact, it is the Federal Reserve that handles this. The Federal Reserve is a private bank that loans the federal government money at interest. By issuing more coinage, the Federal Reserve would be putting the government, and therefore the American people, deeper into debt than congressional spending ever has.

  • I'm not an economist, but I do know about supply and demand, and I lived through the housing bubble bursting.

    I think that the only thing that producing more money, than normal, will do to an already fragile economic system is make things worse. Where is the backing of all of this? I think hiding debt behind physical money is how we got here in the first place. It's a bait and switch facade. Don't print any more money than normal.

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