• Yes I think that the U.S,

    Can provide health care to every American as long as they figured out the financial mess that has plagued this country for many years. Investing in America is a great start to fixing the problem but the real problem, I believe, is that the defense budget is so high that the U.S's money disappears too fast.

  • No, it can not

    I don't think that they can reach everyone on a national scale. I think the thought of reaching everyone is dumb. The average person can't afford to keep those bills up. I hope they redo this when a new president comes in, i think its unconstitutional. Its more of a social thing than a American thing.

  • The U.S. can afford to provide healthcare to every American

    The U.S. can afford to provide healthcare to every American. If every citizen pays a fair share amount, then every citizen can have healthcare, and it would be super cheap. The reason that healthcare costs are so high is because it is based on profit, and it should never be based on profit.

  • Yes, if it spends less on defense and wastes less.

    Every American may not need the U. S. Government to pay for or even to subsidize their health care but it should be available. And the money would be there if those in government wasted less and were less greedy and also if we were not going to war all the time.

  • The young are paying.

    No, the U.S. cannot afford to provide health care to every American, because the U.S. is just requiring the young people to pay for it. It is like any other ponzi scheme, it needs a lot of people to pay into it in order for a few to receive benefits. And it is the young people who are paying. This is keeping the youth poor and living in their parents' basements.

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