Can the U.S. really afford the Mars Curiosity Rover?

  • Even in times of struggle, to forget discovery is the most important of human existance is the greatest loss of all

    Desparity, plauges the nation, now is the best time and only time for a mission of curiosity. A beacon of strength apon our crimson brother. Proof to the world, That though we may have dark times ahead, we have not lost sight of the meaning of "America". Now is not the time for cowardice! We shall reach evermore into the unknown, asking every question we know how... Because this is our purpose. To question is our nature and what a better country than The United States of America to lead this world into a new era. One that is not afraid of the limits of man's creation, but one that strives to understand the even the creation of man! No where is too far, nothing is too high! The sky is the limit and we shot past it! In fact, if we didnt send the rover, I would be disappointed... Frankly, all others that do not agree with our dicision can screw off! Because America... is... on... MARS!!! You can all call me The Patriot now.

  • Well, let's see...

    We made it, sent it to Mars, and are currently using it to gather data, and what not. So...yeah.

  • 2.6 billion dollars is not a lot.

    We spend 688.25 billion dollars in the Department of Defense which proves that 2.6 billion dollars isn't much. Especially since the government has already succeeded with the space rover..

  • Um

    They are now.

  • Seems like it

    $3 billion isnt anything to the US government compared to what we spend on wars, healthcare, defense, and healthcare again.

  • Viper-King and IMabench misses the point

    It seems like viper-king and imabench is completely missing the point. I believe we need to cut back all across the board. 2.6 billion dollars is expensive when compared to what the private sector could have done

  • Curiosity only has entertainment value

    The money they spend searching for life elsewhere is futile and could be put to better use. It’s also an ‘in your face’ to the creator who inspired Psalm 115:16
    “The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s; But the earth he has given to the children of men.” (NKJV)

  • sadolite

    UM no, The country is 16 trillion in debt with no idea of how to pay even a small portion of it down. So fiscally and intellectually honestly speaking. The US doesn't have two nickles to rub together if it were to do the right thing and pay down some of it's debt and completely cancel some of it's unfunded mandates.

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