Can the U.S. stand between Ukraine and Russia?

Asked by: 19acolvin
  • Yes we can

    Russia are just big Babies with big toys and if it was an conflict between us and Russia we would likely defeat them very easily because are navy and marines are much bigger in size than there military. I also believe that are military forces are much more devoted than Russia's.

  • As being one of the most progressive countries with well-prepared military, constabulary and the like, I think U.S. can stand between Ukraine and Russia.

    That is if we talk about power. But if it is about the interference of the U.S. between the two, then I think the U.S. should better not meddle. Obviously, if they would try to engage themselves in a existing conflagration that is Ukraine and Russia, the war will extend. U.S. will be affected. What is more horrible is the fact that, if the U.S. will be in war, considering that it has a lot of 'supporter' from other countries, the latter will be affected as well. What I'm trying to say is, the least possible way we could do to achieve peace is to not interfere. Let them reconcile on their own though the conflict will take more a year or worse.

  • Can we? Yes. Should we? NO.

    We have the capability to stand between Russia and Ukraine. But screw the Budapest Memorandum. They don't want us to. The entirety of Europe would ridicule us for fulfilling our obligation. It's just a fact. They did it to us for Vietnam, when we had an obligation under SEATO. They call Iraq imperialism, which is a complete can of worms I won't open now. Bottom line, let Ukraine burn under Putin. Leave the world to the dictators of China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia. The US has the material resources to sustain itself on it's own soil. Let's see how they like a world without the United States.

  • We are already obligated.

    We are already obligated to intervene in some way in order to protect the Ukraine's territory. Yes, the population is mostly Russian, but it is a Ukraine state legally and annexation by force with 10k+ troops is not legal. Russia did this 2008, hitler did it in the 1940's. Russia is the new Germany. Putin is the new hitler. There is a rise of nazism in Russia and it needs to be stopped we repeat ww2

  • It's none of our concern

    I am deeply opposed to intervention in the Ukraine/Russia conflict. If we send troops over there, would we be acting in our best interests or theirs? The last thing we need is another world war. I think it is arrogant of our armed forces to act as a global police force.

  • America has no right or place in such matters

    It's about time America stood back and realised that they are not so popular in the world.... Not that public opinion should dictate on such matters, but generally people are sick to the back teeth of american interference and spread of Christian fundamentalism, it's about time they sorted out their own issues of which they have many, leave the world alone and grow up, it is quite clear from the events of the past weeks that america has no real influence, power or control.... And at the end of the day america is just one big Chinese takeaway, owned by the Chinese, america the toothless dog

  • China will crush the US

    China has already announced they are with russia on the ukraine issue, and if we fight against russia in Crimea, China will join with the russians. China controls the majority of the worlds manufacturing, and Russia controls most of the EU oil, hence we are fighting a war with no mineral advantages on our side.

  • Coming from a UK citizen, No.

    You already have too much on your hands as it is. So why go between two nations that you have no interest in or hardly care about? It is not the US's concern but it is the Ukraine and Russia's concern. Getting involved will just cause more problems. You wonder why people don't like America, its because you get involved in places you have no business being into.

  • What do you think we did to Iraq?

    I distinctly remember the U.S invading Iraq in 2003. For reasons that seemed to pursue the personal interests of the United States. So by us condemning Russia for practically doing the same exact thing is somehow way worse than what we did? If you honestly think that we in the U.S deserve to stand in the way of Russia, you have another thing coming. Tad Hypocritical no?

  • It's not our problem

    Why in the hell would we stick our necks out here? The pro-Russian population in Ukraine is enormous. It's likely that they'll just kick the government out themselves and join Russia. Involving ourselves in this situation would not only be unfair to the citizens of Ukraine, but unfair to a nation tired of war.

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Juris says2014-03-25T10:37:46.947
Speaking of capability, the U.S. can stand against Russia on Crimea standoff. But this is a question of whether the U.S. should intervene militarily. In this case, U.S. Intervention militarily will just escalate things which is not good. However, other ways to intervene should be imposed like economic sanctions.
yetifivepecks says2014-05-18T23:54:02.270
I agree with Juris.