Can the U.S. tackle pollution and climate change?

  • Of course we can!

    We can tackle pollution if we all tweak our lifestyle a little bit. We can avoid using disposable containers like Styrofoam cups, walk or ride bicycles instead of driving, and make petitions. If everyone does this, we can tackle pollution or come close to it! But we only can if we do all this.

  • We can, but we won't.

    As I see it, there are two scenarios where the US ends up becoming more green; neither one of them is very likely at all to happen. In the first, it is the business leaders of America themselves who decide to try and pollute less during their manufacturing processes. This will never happen because (a) the business leaders would earn less profit because it is more expensive to run your business more environmentally friendly, (b) as long as they are paying less and polluting, not only will the company make more money in the end, but the prices of the goods they produce will also stay down, and (c) it would take an agreement between all businesses to go green. This won't happen, ever, because if one business is green and the other is operating like they do now, the green company will be at a large disadvantage because their goods will have to be more expensive.

    The other possibility is some kind of Federal action that puts bans on excessive pollution. This won't happen, in the near future at least, because there is too much partisan gridlock in DC and there are many members of the Republican Party, and the nation as well, who believe that global warming/climate change is a myth.

  • Yes

    The US could easily tackle pollution and climate change. They just won’t. This is not dissimilar to any other capitalistic system. The environment has always taken a backseat to profits. The only major difference now is that people are paying lip service to the problem.
    Let’s forget about the corporations where everyone is so quick to point the finger of blame and just examine your own life.
    How much do you consume vs. what you actually need?
    There is more than enough knowledge in the world to solve the pollution problems. The lack of will is the only thing stopping it.
    Every person just has to agree that we don't need most of the things we buy.

  • The United States Cannot Tackle Pollution and Climate Change with Foreign Dependence

    The United States cannot tackle pollution and climate change with foreign dependence on oil. If the United States continues to be dependent on the Middle East as their main supplier for oil, which includes not investing on clean energy on American soil, there is no way American can address this problem.

  • No, it up to individuals, companies and many other groups to change how they do things.

    We as people need to look at our habits and try to make change, at least with the pollution aspect. climate change is very debatable, climate has change through out history and it will continue to do that. Pollution and climate change can be linked, but it is uncertain how much they effect one another.

  • No, not without changing our way of life.

    The U.S. is too dependent on cheap and easy fuel and the way that our society is structured we could not easily transform ourselves into using alternative forms of energy. We kind of play with the notion and invest in some experimental ventures, but to really have an impact on climate change we would have to commit to many changes that would seem inconvenient and costly. I don't believe that climate change is considered to be at crisis level yet and so we think we can entertain ideas about what to do about in committees and the like, and in essence little will be done.

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