Can the United States continue to function highly without a greater stream of revenue?

  • Definitely.

    Get rid of everything useless, and BAM it's fine.

  • The United States can continue to function highly without a greater stream of revenue because eliminating existing inefficiencies will free up revenue for essential services.

    Eliminating inefficiencies like unfettered Medicare fraud or ridiculous loans to companies that are on the verge of insolvency like Solyndra would free up hundreds of millions of dollars for essential services. Cutting the funding for unwarranted wars and deployment of troops would also free up revenue. "Functioning highly" is not synonymous with spending a lot of money. Limiting government functions to only prudent activities will solve our revenue shortfalls.

    Posted by: C0rtKenka
  • The United States can continue to function well without increased revenue, but it must then cut unnecessary expenses.

    The United States' government spends a great deal but does not collect enough revenue. To continue operating well then the U.S. could increase revenue, but it could also cut spending. This is not an easy task as the U.S. has become addicted to huge budgets but if serious cutting was done then the U.S. could survive well without revenue increases.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • The U.S. can continue to function highly without a greater stream of revenue, because they caused the problem by just spending too much.

    In order to function properly, the U.S. has to look at all the spending that it has made since President Obama has come into office. He has taken our money and turned it into his personal spending account. The U.S. needs to cut back significantly on everything and then we will be able to function properly, without getting additional revenue from our pockets.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • The United States could function perfectly without more revenue, as long as we spend it more wisely.

    The United States government is already collecting high amounts of revenue from multiple taxing programs. There is no need to get more revenue from the American people. It's just a matter of spending the revenue received in a more efficient manner. If we spent less money on foreign aid, special education, and welfare, we'd be much better off.

    Posted by: Bubba
  • The United States can function better without a greater stream of revenue, as long as we remove "corporate America" from our politicians pockets.

    Inflation is a grossly mishandled concept, decided upon by big wigs and board members. It is the reason our economic status is faltering. "Corporate America" has had its hands in our politicians pockets for too long, and has caused them to make decisions that are not beneficial to the "people". Inflation is also the only reason why it would seem that we need a greater revenue stream. The higher inflation goes, the higher need for more revenue. If we can get the inflation rates back down to acceptable levels, based on the average income of our citizens, then there is no need for more incoming revenue for our government.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • I do not believe that the United States will be able to keep up with newly industrializing powers like China and Brazil without drastically increasing its GDP.

    The threats to freedom in the coming era will likely come from economic wars, not from military ones. Industrialized nations like Germany and Italy already hold a vast amount of debt owed by the United States, because of its vast entitlement spending. Up and coming countries like China and Brazil will soon overtake the progress made by the United States and reach regional dominance within their respective spheres, cutting off the United States' ability to exercise influence across the world. Only by finding a greater stream of revenue will the United States remain a highly functioning power capable of exerting its will.

    Posted by: DVincent
  • No. Common sense tells us that a country can not sustain itself by continuing to spend way, way beyond that which it has to spend.

    America is so in over its head financially that our children, grandchildren, and beyond will be paying heavily for our country's massive spending spree. There need to be deep cuts in programs not essential to the interests of the United States functioning economy. Common sense tells you that neither individuals nor countries can spend their way out of debt. The answer is not to further tax the already over-extended public, but to increase revenue by intelligent cost-cutting.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • Yes, the United States can continue to function highly without a greater stream of revenue because all they have to do is cut spending and reduce taxes.

    Yes, the United States can continue to function highly without a greater stream of revenue because all they have to do is cut spending and reduce taxes which has been proved to raise revenues to the United States. Why keep spending on programs that will not work if the funds aren't there. Reduce taxes on everyone so they will have more to spend and the wealthier Americans will have more money to invest in private industry and create jobs which will in turn increase the wealth of everyone and create more jobs. The government gets to much of our money as it is.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii
  • I do not agree that the U.S. can function without a higher stream of revenue, due to the size of our debt.

    We have a 14 trillion dollar debt. So, saying that we do not need a higher revenue source is kind of like saying that we do not need more money to pay off our bills. The saddest thing is that we have the resources to get another highly functional revenue service, and also save a ton of money on things like manufacturing. If everyone bought from thrift stores and recycled materials, then there would be a lesser need to import large crates of newly manufactured materials from other countries. We have a landfill full of materials that can be remade into other items, such as plastic bags into tote bags, or old cloths into quilts. But, we, as Americans, think of this stuff as lesser, and buy newer materials to last longer, even though we rarely use the new stuff anyway. The landfill is a excellent resource to gather revenue from something that would be a waste instead. That's what we should do.

    Posted by: JitteryDamian82
  • The United States cannot function at such a high level without a higher stream of revenue, because simple math proves it.

    Many mathematical models have been put forth to estimate America's expenditure level as a function of time and, at the current rate of spending increases, in the next few years, there will not be enough money to continue to function. This means that either drastic cuts must take place, or more revenue needs to come in.

    Posted by: NauseatingAbdul53
  • The United States cannot continue to function highly without more revenue, because increasing debt is inevitably going to cripple this nation.

    Increasing dependence on other countries will eventually weaken this country to the point that we are no longer a power in this world. Our debt is going to not only hurt our own economy, but is also going to make our nation subservient to those nations that do have greater revenue. A strong economy is necessary for a strong nation.

    Posted by: OnfBIeak
  • The US cannot continue to function without a higher stream of revenue because our population is increasing.

    The population of the US is growing at a rapid rate. There are many reasons for this that include legal and illegal immigration, as well as high birth rates. If the revenue stream were to remain stagnant, it would mean the same amount of money being spread over a larger and larger population, which would be unsustainable.

    Posted by: M0r3Fire
  • I believe this country is barely functioning.

    I believe this country is barely functioning and once they kill the middle class this country is going to eventually fall. Whether or not China is going to be the top of the chart country of the future who knows. It does look that way however, according to America's poor trade and China's great trade. You never see any products created in America because we don't realize or our government don't realize rather, that they are making other countries richer and putting us in debt. Back in the day this debt was called the Great Depression.

    Posted by: AllisonT
  • The U.S. cannot function properly without a great revenue stream.

    In order for the US to fund the types of services demanded of its citizens (Social Security, Medicare, etc) it is absolutely imperative that a higher stream of revenue be found. This can occur via higher tax rates or increased tax revenues due to greater business volume. If the later path is taken and tax rates are lowered, existing loopholes in the tax code must be located and eradicated.

    Posted by: KIemeP3nguin
  • I disagree that the US can continue to function without a greater stream of revenue, revenue is all that businesses rely on now a days.

    Now a days in the US, businesses are sky rocketing and plummeting as far as their revenue is concerned. The US thrives on what large corporate businesses bring in each day through year. Without a greater stream of revenue from certain businesses, the US will not be able to function.

    Posted by: FJamarcus

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