• We Don't Have A Choice

    To me, it really doesn't matter if the United States can trust Karzai. Since we started the Afghanistan War and helped them set this government up, who they choose as their leader has nothing to do with us and it certainly doesn't me we should or have to trust Karzai. What happens to Afghanistan now, should not be the United States problem.

  • Karzai is using diplomacy with the West.

    The United States can trust Karzai. He is the only leader that has complied with the requests of the West and with the diplomacy necessary to appease both other leaders in his area and leaders in the United States. Putting someone else in place of Karzai at the moment would be ill-advised.

  • No the United States should not trust Karzai

    The United States should not trust Karzai fully. Since he is the president of Afghanistan, there can be some issues if we fully trust his views. We should trust his views on a case by case basis. 9/11 should never be forgotten, and we should be fully prepared for any other attacks.

  • No, I don't think so.

    I don't think the United States can trust anyone at this point. Most of our allies turn on us at one point or another, and that speaks volumes as to how we have been behving. It's time for the united states to change its focus and be a better world leader.

  • No,the United States can not trust Karzai.

    No,the United States can not trust Karzai.He has been around deprivation and corruption for so long that he doesn't know how to operate on a different level.He'll never truly be an ally of the United States because he has so many connections in his country that operate with violent tendencies that he would be in fear of his life if he cooperated.

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