• Yes, money is replacable

    However this being said, I doubt the debt will be paid off during my lifetime. I would also like to note that A. America is a large area with a strong military and alot of resources and B. America has had higher debt to gdp ratios in the past and the problem was taken care of.

  • Unfortunately, no, we can't.

    Have you seen the amount of debt we have? News flash: There literally is not enough money in the world to cover our national debt. And even if we were to attempt to pay it off, it would take too much effort on the side of American citizens. Nobody would care enough.

  • Not a chance.

    Getting a handle on our debt would require major changes that today's American citizens would not easily tolerate, such as living on what we actually have coming in as opposed to relying on credit. The housing market meltdown shows how precarious our situation is in that regard, but consider also the college loan situation. With jobs disappearing by the millions annually, how are these young Americans supposed to pay off their debts? And so there is another meltdown coming. Most American families over rely on credit, and with wages declining or remaining stagnant, their ability to pay becomes more unlikely daily. So we're looking at a major collapse in the credit markets still to come. Until the economy collapses, I don't see us getting out of debt. Americans simply won't live within their means, so there's no hope of fixing the system as it is now.

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