Can the US President and Secretary of Defense together launch nuclear strikes?

Asked by: Ubiquitous
  • Is the President with the help of the Secretaries codes both launch nuclear strikes without any good reason or without asking the government or military?

    Is the us president capable of launching nuclear weapons on his own? No it requires the second keycode and actual key activation by the Secretary if defense also. But if the president and Secretary for whatever reason. The two man rule clearly states that these two people are all that is needed to launch thousands of nuclear warheads at any target on the map. Doesn't that seem like to much power even for 2 people. Isn't there a third fail safe. I hear the joint chief of staff can basically stop the launch of the nukes of the 2 others command it. In the books though that option is only in certain instances. Theoretically 2 human beings have at their very finger tips to launch the extinction of humanity. According to how the nuclear system works it is operated by a super computer so once the orders are installed by the President and Secretary the computer will obey them infinitely. There are no actual humans activating the systems to launch but a high tech machine waiting for orders.

    If thats not scary I dont know what is. All it takes is 2 leaders who hide truly dark ambitions beneath a life of successful political success. Why so much power in so few hands.

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