Can the use of school uniforms improve a learning environment?

  • School uniforms help students remove their focus from the outward appearance, at least to some degree.

    Since teenagers are highly prone to being overly concerned about what they are wearing, if they are required to wear a uniform then there is a greatly reduced amount of focus on this particular issue, which then allows them to turn some of that focus towards their learning. I do not, however, think that it is the sole means of achieving this.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • It is symbol of equality.

    School uniforms definitely improve the learning environment because it creates an atmosphere without any prejudice. No one can judge the status of a student if all of them are wearing the same things. Students feel better and are not affected by an inferiority complex. More relaxed students result in to better concentration on learning.

    Posted by: TownMaso
  • obviously no explanation

    Everyone says it builds up the leaning environment well it doesn't!! If we wear to school what we want then we build up the learning environment because we are learning about where other people got the clothes or how much a sweater cost! with school uniforms we would not be able to do that!!!!!!!!

  • I agree

    There are several reasons why uniforms will help, but I have three. 1) Students who come from different economic backgrounds find it very hard to assimilate in an environment where children have branded cloths, accessories, etc. With uniforms all rich and poor students do not have to worry about the brand of their cloths, and thus helps them to focus on their education. 2) When we speak of creativity and free expression it seems to always end with cloths, hair style, tattoos, etc. For example if a student is a pacifist he/she might wear a dress to support his/her stand. The problem with this is that it just ends there. Instead, encouraging these students to write an essay or paint a painting or sculpt a sculpture supporting their stand will be much better, because, think about it, what would have happened if the Federalists wore cloths or had a tattoo supporting their view, and not write essays? It is because of those essays that we have a glimpse of what the Federalists thought about the constitution. In light of these, the argument that uniforms inhibit free expression seems to be a poorly constructed reason to avoid uniforms in school. 3) Free expression could hurt others. What happens if a student wears a shirt saying that all homosexuals should be killed? What would happen if a student wears a shirt saying that all Christians should be killed? By wearing uniforms all such problems could be avoided, and this would help the administration to focus on improving education rather than worrying about public relations and the aftermath for suspending or not suspending a student who wore such a shirt.

  • Work place, responsibility, and political correctness.

    By having children where uniforms, they are being prepared for having a job. Most jobs, no matter how little, have some kind of dress code. It also teaches responsibility because students have to make sure their outfits are clean the following day and remember to wear them every day. Also what you wear won't offend others if they're wearing the exact same thing.


    Because putting on the school uniform signals he or she is going to school just like dad dresses up to go to work. Schools report that when students dress in "work clothes" rather than "play clothes" they take a more serious approach to their studies. Many parents believe that students wearing school uniforms look nicer and that a school uniform policy ensures that children will come to school in appropriate clothing, avoiding distractions such as fads considered to be overly revealing. Some students have turned school into an unending fashion show. This distracts from learning, as some kids spend more time focused on their clothes than on homework.

  • Yes

    Because uniform helps not only the student to learn better, but also helps him/her behaviour wise. Say if you were going to do something naughty, you might think twice when your wearing uniform. Uniform just reminds the students that they are in a educational environment and they shouldn't do anything bad.

  • yes i strongly agree

    if there is school uniforms then students can pay more attention and get better grades go to college and live a better life some where in the world! if we have uniforms we wont wave to worry about getting up so early in the morning so they can sleep more. that is why we should have uniforms.

  • YES

    I went to a Catholic school my whole life and was required to wear a uniform. it keeps you focused no your learning and you never have to worry about having the latest fashion styles. it also shows support for your school as you represent them in a classy uniform.

  • Safety

    I totally agree all children should be required to wear school uniforms. This will help keep our children safe! Trespassers will be more easily identified, and there will be less bullying due to differing socio-economic statuses. They will have plenty of time for freedom of expression after school, on weekends, and in the summer time.

  • I disagree.

    My school has a dress code and to be honest, they do not enforce it that much. They act like it is a big deal for the first few days of school, then they do not care anymore. I do not think school uniforms should be enforced because it is just one extra thing to remember in the morning.

  • No No No

    I don't think that they can because it is ridiculous to make a person wear the same outfit day in and day out and the kids in school will find a way to make their uniforms different anyway and some kids may look better in the uniform than others so it will be no different.

  • Uniforms Are for militaries

    The main reason we have uniforms in schools is because when schools were first invented they were based on a military system that had been shown to be effective, hundreds of years ago and by effective I mean they created soldiers that were compliant, and would follow orders without thought.

    This is not what a school should be in any way.

    And the argument that they will need to follow a dress code in work? Please, WORK is not learning, a learning environment shouldn't be the same as a work environment.

  • Don't let people make decisions for you.

    Makes students believe that they are not allowed to express themselves, may make them feel even more uncomfortable by the fact of wearing clothing that may not be flattering. Everyone would be wearing the same outfit, which may cause problems, because girls would be comparing on "who wore it best". Some people do not have enough money to afford uniforms.

  • It will reduce the motivation

    It cannot be useful because it will reduce the motivation of students and make them boring or maybe specific design of uniform be fit for some one and it can be unfit to another one, according to theirs bodies style shape or their high or even their skin colors and so on, therefore this problems will have some consequence, that some of them are numbered blow
    1- hate of the school environment
    2- student feel not well and cant be comfort
    2- lose of their excitement and happiness

  • Kids can't learn how to be responsible

    Uniforms make it so kids can't learn the responsibility of a dress code. Kids should learn to be responsible. Some day a kid who would where a uniform, will get a job that requires a dress code, and they won't know how to follow it. Kids need to learn the responibility of a dresscode.

  • Not Your Own!

    Having a uniform takes away the possibility in High School to be your own person! During that time students are suppose to find themselves. How are students suppose to do that when they all look the same? They can't, it's just that simple. You can't be your own person when you're like the person next to you!

  • Doesn't effect popularity!

    I have seen a private school and find that girls are even more likely to stay in their groups of pecking order. While it is useful that everyone is wearing about the same thing, the kids are rather sheltered and like to stay within their little groups. It also causes younger girls to be wearing makeup and curling their hair while they are rather young, leading to poorer complexion as they get older and drier hair. Therefore, I find that it can cause the learning environment to be worse because the girls are more likely to stick with their groups and less likely to reach out, try new things, raise their hand in class, and ask for help on subjects they don't understand.

  • Outfits define kids

    When kids wear something they're more comfortable in they do 100 times better and don't have to worry about people judging them because they are confident in what they are wearing and usually don't care what people think. Also with uniforms kids get self conscious and think that none of the shirts/pants go together and then are more likely to break the dress code and get into trouble. Students should get to wear what they want.

  • A human being should be free to choose what they wear

    Well... It is a basic human right as in that of free expression...People can express themselves through what they choose to wear (though this should not be regarded as materialistic) and this may also enhance their creativity...So they have the possibility to think for themselves, they don't take any given rules or norms for granted, they question them and reflect on them critically. Please let people think for themselves.

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Anonymous says2013-04-12T14:57:46.417
Wow so many people think that we should wear uniforms half of me think not but if it helps to stop bullying then im up for it cause nobody can say anything about what your wearing DUHH your wearing the same THING!!!!!!