Can the Westboro Baptist Church be compared to the KKK?

Asked by: Bruinshockeyfan
  • Yes. Yeah. Sure.

    The Westboro Baptist Church can be compared to the KKK. Both are extremest and make life very unpleasant for those outside the fancy organization. Both groups are centered around their disapproval towards something (homosexuals, African Americans) and go about forcing their beliefs on others. No one's mother should be told that she belongs in the kitchen before attending a Green Day concert.

  • Yes they can

    Sure they can. They both hate gays, blacks, Jews, Catholics, and Obama. Both do protests and hate crimes against minorities and others who they dont like. The only differnce is the dumb white cone head hats and uniforms the KKK wore. Also, im pretty sure the westboro church doesn't burn crosses.

  • Similar ideology, fortunately not influential.

    If WBC had the same influence as the KKK they would be more or less the same thing, just with different primary targets. They are comparable in ideology, even very closely similar. Both are religious hate organizations. Fortunately WBC is not attracting any outside support so it can't grow to become a real danger to many people. In this sense they are not comparable to KKK, fortunately.

  • Of course it can...

    Comparing two hate groups is not a hard thing. People who believe that they are superior based on no real facts. Opinions that are uneducated and dehumanizing. All of these are things that the two have in common. They both are dangerous and prone to violent action (although the KKK more so than the Westboro Baptist Church) They are both horrible groups of bad people who's despicable actions cannot be justified.

  • Less dangerous but much stupider than KKK

    At least KKK's stance is easy to understand - supremacy of whites, down with blacks (and others) by any means.

    WBC's homophobia is not excusable but at least somewhat understandable given their antediluvian view of the world. However, their relentless harassment of families of fallen soldiers because of some implied association with gay rights is stunningly incomprehensible.

  • They preach and speech a lot, they don't lynch

    The Westboro Baptist Church seems to be a pretty hateful organization. But they preach conversion and not acting certain ways, not condemning people due to things they can't control. And they don't promote violence against people. So, while I fundamentally disagree with them on pretty much every issue, their message is to stop acting certain ways, because their god will put them in hell after they die.

    Not sure how you can compare the two, that stated. Again, hateful organization, but they are talking about conduct, not skin colour. You can't control your skin colour, you CAN control your actions. And saying 'don't do that' is a lot different than saying 'you are simply inferior and shouldn't be an equal member of society'.

  • Are you kidding me? BS

    The westboro church has less than 40 members. The KKK ranged up the the thousands. The westboro church, while a disgusting POS, has picketed at dead soldiers funerals. The KKK lynched, tortured, beat up, marched, and struck terror all over the nation to blacks. The KKK is a terrorist organization. The westboro church is based in a southern state with no influence whatsoever.

  • I really hate them, but no, they can't

    There are lots of similarities between the two groups: both are deeply religious hate-groups that prey on jews, gays and anyone who thinks differently to them. But there are two key differences that make the KKK considerably worse than the WBC. Firstly, the KKK is a fundamentally racist organisation, while the WBC is a group that hates on anyone with a different religion. You can technically join the WBC if you're black, asian or hispanic, as long as you embrace their hate-filled excuse for a religion. While with the KKK, if a black man tried to join, he'd be set alight quicker than a pig at a barbecue. Secondly, the KKK actually kill people, while the WBC just shout at their funerals.

  • Not as bad as the KKK, but still terrible.

    The Westboro Baptist Church, although very similar to the KKK, is thankfully nowhere near as dangerous. Since the Civil War, it is believed that the KKK has killed well over 1,000 people, of multiple races. Although the Westboro Baptist Church has resorted to protesting funerals of dead soldiers because of them being affiliated with the gay rights movement, they thankfully have not yet killed or harmed anyone.

  • KKK too extreme

    Despite the fact that both groups are entirely deplorable and deserve their infamous reputation, the Westboro Baptist Church has yet to be responsible for any deaths. They may picket the dead, but they don't go around killing homosexuals. The same can't be said for how the KKK used to operate.

  • Examine The Impact

    While the KKK and the Westboro Baptist Church are both extremist groups who spew hate. The Westboro Baptist Church is a group of 40 nearly universally hated individuals who picket funerals and say hateful things. The KKK at its height had millions of members, lynched minorities, took over entire small towns and became a viable political force nationwide. I don't think the Westboro baptist church will ever be nearly as detrimental to gays, as the Klan was to African Americans, Catholics and Jews.

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brian1124 says2013-09-11T18:11:34.680
I cant choose a side if you want to go by todays kkk then yes I think wbc is worse then todays kkk but wbc cant even touch the old kkk they wouldn't even come close