Can the world achieve the goal of ONE GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE on issues such as world peace, floods, drought, economic development, etc.?

  • Yes, with education.

    There are so many different social systems that it would be difficult at this point for our view points to change. If there was a flood here you would be split as to what the assumed cause was. From one extreme the assumption would be that God created this flood to punish sinners. From another point of view it is believed that flooding is due to over saturated ground. That is just two of the possible opinions within one country. It would take a lot of education, expertise, and compromise, but it would be possible to have one perspective with time.

  • No, there are too many different opinions.

    No, the world cannot achieve the goal of one global perspective, because there are too many people in the world and too many different experiences to ever reach a consensus. Even two countries have a hard enough time reaching an agreement on a few issues, let alone many countries reaching an agreement on many issues. It is laudable to try, but ultimately we will never agree on that many things.

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