• Requirements for journalists without violating free speech

    Yes there can be requirements for journalists without violating free speech. I think that you have to remember that free speech is one thing but violating someones privacy also steps over a line and causes problems as well.They have to find a balance between the two so that each feels their rights are being heard.

  • Some limits, but few

    There can be some limits on journalism. Journalists shouldn't report information that actually impacts national security. If a journalist learns that the US is going to launch a surprise attack on a foreign nation for whatever JUSTIFIABLE reason, that shouldn't be reported. A journalist absolutely bears the responsibility of reporting information that impacts the freedoms of citizens though. While some may argue that reporting the extent of US spying is a breach of journalistic duty, it is in fact directly in line with what a journalist should be free to report. There shouldn't be chokes on reporting meant to protect the public.

  • In all reality, no

    Free speech means free speech. As originally intended, it means people are free to say whatever they would like to say. This would also extend to journalists. With that said, I do think they should be required to meet a certain standard and deliver the news without much bias at all.

  • No there can't

    Journalist that are in the United States of America as well as the rest of the world should not have requirements. If they have requirements it can go against basic principles for those of journalist. They have a watchdog role here in the United States of America and that should be protected.

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