• Yes it can.

    Tighter security checks can help prevent mass shootings on military bases. This would make it nearly impossible for anyone bad to come on to the military base and increase the security. This is something that need to be implemented as soon as possible in order to protect the military bases.

  • Security checks create more safety.

    Tighter security checks prevent mass shootings on military bases. This is because having people monitored at different parts of bases, especially where weapons availability exists, means less slips by important screenings. Keeping people who would do others harm away from weapons is always a preventative measure against mass harm of people.

  • No, tighter security will not prevent mass shootings on military bases.

    Better security will not prevent mass shootings on military bases because of the ubiquitous presence of weapons. As long as people have such free access to weapons, shootings become possible. Due to the nature of the military, it is very difficult to restrict weapons carrying and storage to such an extent as to make bases safe.

  • Tighter security on military bases will not prevent mass shootings.

    No, tighter security checks on military bases will not guarantee the prevention of potential mass shootings. Most people who are on military bases are armed. It is part of their job to carry a weapon. So even with tighter security checks in place, that does not prevent an individual who is authoized to be armed on a base from going on a mass shooting spree.

  • There are weapons on bases.

    No, tighter security checks cannot prevent mass shootings on military bases, because military bases are places where people have to work with weapons. Possibly, tighter mental health screening for entry into the armed forces would help. But you cannot ever completely ban weapons on a military base, because people have to do their jobs.

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