• Yes it does

    Time does have a beginning. Being a Christian myself, I do look and embrace science as a way to explain why things are the way they are. Evidentially, science actually confirms many things that occur in the Bible. For something like the Big Bang to occur however, it would have to create matter, space and time all at once. However, immense amount of matter cannot be form from a small amount of matter, and the same goes for time and space. For these three key things to be created, something outside the confines must have created it. Enter in... God. God is matter less, timeless, and spaceless, which allowed him to create the world as we know it. He existed before there was anything and he created everything, cause time to have a beginning

  • Time as we know it.

    As you may know, time is not always consistent. For instance, time on earth travels faster than time in space. Time would also take on new meaning in a black hole and wormholes where time may even seem to stop or theoretically reverse.
    Funny thing is, many Christians and scientists believe that time had a beginning. To me this is illogical as it defies the law of cause and effect. Without the existence of time, nothing can change to cause time to begin. Even if you go with the theist view, if no form of time existed, then it also would not exist for the god therefore the god could not act to cause time to exist. Either way, some form of time would have to exist.
    In my theory, always existed but may not have gone anywhere. Much like the point on the end of stationary spinning top, it moves (spins) yet does not move (travel distance). Normally, when we view time, we view it as a line traveling from somewhere in the past to somewhere in the future. That would be time as we know it as it is actually traveling. Seeing that gravity slows time here on earth, imagine the gravity if everything in the universe was compressed to a pin point. Basically, time would seem to not even exist under those circumstances.
    Going back to the spinning top reference, what would happen if something interacted with the point on that spinning top or a piece broke of the tip? The top would immediately begin to move at a rapid pace. This means some kind of action had to take place to cause what we see as time to begin so some form of time had to exist prior to it.

  • It would have to mean that nothing changed beforehand

    If time has a beginning it would have to mean that nothing changed beforehand. For time to advance change has to happen. Think of it this way, if the Universe as it is now were to freeze for a billion years, and then resume exactly as it was before there wouldn't be any difference from the Universe not freezing at all. To meaningfully speak of time passing there needs to be change.

    This still leaves the question of how things started changing when there was no change before, yet this could've started off with a random quantum fluctuation.

  • Time began when the universe came into existence

    Time did not exist before the big bang, but came into existence at the Planck time after the big bang; T=0 (Planck time refers to the smallest scale or measure of time possible). Furthermore, time gets it "flow" from the entropy in the universe going from the most ordered state (big bang) to a lesser ordered state (now and the future).

  • Yes of course

    Not only CAN time have a beginning, it must have a beginning. If time stretched back infinitely into the past then it would be impossible for enough time to pass for us ever to reach this current moment. Also, according to the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy all of the energy in the universe would have been used up at some point in the infinite past. So yes, time most certainty had a beginning.

  • The big bang

    13.82 billion years ago, the big bang happened, asking what is before that is like asking what is north of the north pole. There is absolutely nothing there. No space and no time or anything at all. Time has an end in the beginning and although scientists don't know everything about the universe's creation, this is the most likely.

  • ... Sorta ?

    Time as a whole isn't a physical span. You can only measure it from a certain point within it's path, not from it's start and finish. So you could say that a UNIT of time has a beginning, but time itself doesn't because it's an idea and not literally something floating out in space that you can measure

  • Physics of our universe and dimension

    In our universe, in our dimension, where there is a law of cause and effect, everything has a beginning and an end. Time is a part of our dimension. But it has the quality of matter - it moves. Everything that moves - is born and dies. As matter that is born from vacuum. Matter stops and "dies". It returns into nothingness of the vacuum.

  • God created the world

    When the beginning of creation happened god was the only thing and creation was like time starting I think there should be a beginning how do you think that the Greeks kept up with there time and god created the sun and without that there would not be time also the heaven's

  • God created the world

    When the beginning of creation happened god was the only thing and creation was like time starting I think there should be a beginning how do you think that the Greeks kept up with there time and god created the sun and without that there would not be time also the heaven's

  • I don't think...

    Well, what was before time? So if time had a beginning then what was the time before that, nothing? If so then we need to no what "nothing" is, no space, no time. Of course astronomers think that there was a big bang but is that true? If so then how could matter be in such a way as to do that and cause an explosion that creates the universe that goes on "forever"?
    This is just my opinion

  • When did universe start?

    Time is a constant loop. There was time before humans, and we cannot comprehend how long the universe excised, and the universe had time. We do not know where or when universe started, but It has always been. It unknown when the entire universes and everything came, or if it was always there. But we do not know how every universe came to be, and everything. It is never ending and we do not have a starting point. If you do not believe in God, there is no reason. Plus, what about the other universes in terms with god.

  • Time is just a convention

    I don't believe time has a beginning, since it is simply a convention of our society. If you think of the Big Bang as the beginning of times there is always going to be something that happened before that. Time is just a convention that allows us to have goals for the future, deadlines at work and routines. While in Australia is January 13th, I am still in January 12th but both me and the people living there are living at the same instant in time.

  • No beginning to the universe

    What does it mean to say time began? The paucity of our language is not able to describe the underlying reality, and thus people prefer to use simplistic and meaningless labels in place of the complex, impervious and utterly mysterious physics. The best we can do is model this, in the language of maths and even then it is mind bending stuff. Time may have gone through a change at the point of the Big Bang and Planck time, but to say it began is like asking what is south of the South Pole (interestingly leaving no room for gods).

  • Time doesn't have a beginning

    Time can have a beginning because it takes time for everything. It took time for the world to be created and it took time for the universe to be created and it took time for time to be invented. Just because we didn't know about time before it was a way to tell time doesn't mean that time didn't exist.

  • Reality is in the present

    We are taught from infancy the importance of time. Past, future, schedules, deadlines, beginnings, ends... The rationality of all that, you know. Does time exist externally, that is, separate from the self or is it our personal perception that creates our limits within time? The mind functions within these bounds in order to relate to external stimuli. One cannot prove that time exists outside of the living organism. I can see a plant grow from sprout to flowering maturity and succumb to death. In reality I only experience this in the present. The past is memory and the future is my assumption of what I suppose will be based on the past. The mind is measure. The mind is time. The beginning is a measurement to an end. Within the totality of awareness the beginning is in the end. The concept of separation is bound to thought.

  • Humans cannot comprehend an infinite probability.

    Many people think on these subjects, however, this is not the cause of suicide. I think of this subject all the time and so far I have not committed suicide. Some people have committed suicide, but I'm sure they also had other problems going on in their life. People just need to accept that we really don't know the answer to many of the universes questions. Like what is the meaning of life? The scientific answer is to reproduce. However, many people are not ok with this answer and want something that is deeper and more meaningful. The truth is that many questions don't have a definite answer and even if they do- like the what is the meaning of life question- the answer may not be what a person is hoping for, deep and thoughtful and meaningful. And while this may make some people sad, many people are able to deal with this. And many adolescents have raging chemical hormones that make them more susceptible to depression and mood swings. So when they encounter this kind of thinking and questioning, many are not able to keep a calm head and just accept it. So, no, I do not believe that the actual thinking and questioning will lead to suicide in stronger minds. There would have to be more to the story, from teenage hormones or other various problems in a person’s life.

  • Because time doesn't exist

    Men created time as a measurement system - we gave it names hours, Minuets, Seconds, Years based on the movement of our planet. Think about it saying time didn't exist before a begging would mean that everything happened at once you would be born, Have lived, And died. All in a split seconded. Excepted you can't have because seconds don't exist yet.
    Ever heard the phrase time is relative, Time is as long as we choice to make it.
    It like dog years your suppose to times there age by 7 since they don't live as long so in 2 years of your life your dog has lived 14
    we choice to make dog live that length.
    -my opinion is that time does not exist therefore can't have a beginning.

  • Time is just a perception - and it has a beginning when one is born.

    There isn't a thing like "time". Time is a feeling perceived by humans on the basis of changes in the environment, Internal or external. That's why it's impossible to create a time machine and go back - because it's not something that exist, It's just a feeling. When you sleep, You do not notice time. When you are under influence of certain psychoactive substances, Time flows differently (faster, Slower) for you. Therefore, For a person the time starts with the moment they are born. If all humans (and maybe all animals, Depending on whether they perceive time or not) were to go extinct, There would be no "time", Just changes in the environment which we call "time" for our own facilitation.

  • Time is measurement.

    Time is like distance. It describes a relation between two objects in a particular axis. Time is subjective. It has always existed and will always exist as long as there is something to relate it to. Like distance time means nothing if there is absence of things to relate to. (Distance means nothing if you don't have two objects to compare.)

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