• Time travel is possible

    Yeah it may sound absurd but in the past too none of our forefathers and grand fathers would have thought of talking to someone sitting miles away with mobile's.So i guess time travelling is possible.
    In my opinion it possible by a gadget which have four basic component in it i.E.-fire,air,soil,water and space in it.These are 5 components which are responsible for life on earth and i feel these will really help us to da time travel and to change our fate.

  • It. Is possible to. Build. A time. Machine. Definently!!!

    We have. Technologies. To. Build. New. Sati lites. Computer advancements. Smartphones. Super. Computers. I. Would. Argue. That. We. Do. In. Fact. Have. The. Technology. To. Create. Blue prints. Mathmaticalfiguers and so on and to Construct. And. Build. This new technological. Marvel. Of. The 21st, Century. Something that has. Never. Been. Attempted. But. Is. Imperative. That. It. Is. Done. Immediately, but. In. Thee utmost. Privacy.. Now!!!

  • Time travel will exist sometime this century if it doesn't now !

    Time travel is definetly possible ! A few hundred years ago people didn't believe cars would exist but they do now ! And a few hundres years later time machines will exist ! ( that is if they don't now ! ) And if you want to try to build a time machine, just visit paranormalis.Com . And even though the ideas you see don't work, I bet the government had time machines for a long time but didn't want the public to know !

  • Yes it exist

    I read some where that time travel can be possible by the help of black holes in space but the problem is we can travel in future not in past because if we travel in past we can change something which we think should not happen in our life so i do think its possible

  • Look at our forefathers

    In ancient times our forefathers had constructed buildings and "machines" that shouldn't be possible given their limited resources. It might be possible that time travellers from our distant (or imminent) future travelled back in time to provide them with the knowledge and equipment needed to accomplish this. Hey, maybe even time travellers from the present. Ancient paintings and carvings have depicted astronaut-like figures, tanks, even helicopters. So maybe, just maybe, modern man had a hand in creating its own past..? Now, that sounds pretty awesome to me :)

  • Time machines will exist in the near future if they don't now !

    There might be 2 ways to time travel.
    1- Even by traveling at 10% the speed of light we could travel through time an even if we can't do that now we will able to do so this century .
    2- Time machines might have already been built by the US government but he doesn't want the public to know .

  • Yes time travel is possible.

    If you see the latest researches on time travel it proves that time travel is possible.Scientist can build a time machine.They have to just use their brains.We only use five percent of our brain.Nothing is impossible and the science and technology is advancing continuously and one day will come when we build build a time machine and travel in time.

  • Time travel can exist

    We can travel through time not only by traveling in the speeds of light.
    According to old and recent studies there are particles called tachionia which have the ability to go back and further in time. If we use these particles we can travel through time.
    Another way to travel through time is to use wormholes. In wormholes the laws of physics don t exist and that means that time also doesn t exist. The question is if the time in wormholes doesn t exist how can we travel in time? The answer is not very simple. According to S. Hawking and J. Al Khalili although time doesn t exist we can go back to her as the wormholes in reality travel with speeds bigger than the light they are stronger and last but not least all the existing dimensions cannot exist or exist in one fundamental dimension called 12th dimension or dimension of creation. In this dimension every matter have the ability to take part in all existing dimensions and that means that it can take part in the dimension of time, therefore matter through this dimension can travel in time either backwards or further in the future.
    Another theory is the paradox of the Gemini. According to this paradox we have this gemini brothers,one of them decides to travel with one spacecraft. In his travel he reaches speeds equal or bigger than light so when he arrives to earth after 60 earth years he sees his brother 60 years older, but he is only one month older. What does that mean? The answer according to universities and scientists is simple. The brother is actually a time traveler as he felt time passing very slow and he reached a 60 year time after a journey with extremely high speeds. The deduction is that time is one important factor to travel in time. According to my first statement for tachionia i would like to say that tachionia have also the ability to travel with the speed of light and their use will help us to travel in time.
    That was a few of the various theories for time travel. So these theories can exist so that means that time travel can exist

  • It's highly unlikely to built but IT IS possible in this 21st century.

    It must wait years during the 21st century. "A supermassive black hole is a time machine. But of course, it's not exactly practical. It has advantages over wormholes in that it doesn't provoke paradoxes. Plus it won't destroy itself in a flash of feedback. But it's pretty dangerous. It's a long way away and it doesn't even take us very far into the future. Fortunately there is another way to travel in time. And this represents our last and best hope of building a real time machine." That quote comes from Stephen Hawking.

  • Only forward, I am afraid.

    You can actually orbit close to a black hole, and because time speeds up, you "Travel through time" into the future. What actually happens is that you see the world go by quickly, but everything else sees you as normal. It may be possible to extort a layer of space to bend with high amount of power, allowing you to go to point B quicker, but it is most likely impossible to go backwards.

  • If time travel exists then delete my post.

    Set two clocks with the exact same time. Now place one on top of a mountain and the other near the bottom. Check the time several years later and there will be a discrepancy. With this basic experiment you can see the elements there to help achieve time travel. Will we ever be able to travel back in time? Well you could use this message board as an experiment.

    Let this message be forever preserved until technology to travel back in time has been developed. Then let someone come back and delete this post. So if you are seeing this post traveling back in time will never exist.

  • Time machines will NEVER exist.

    My theory is, if there is time travel in the future. Why isn't it here today? Someone in the future could just bring a time machine back in time and then bam, time machines for all eras. What I am saying, if there was ever a time machine, there would most likely be evidence of one today. One time traveler would be able to give a time machine to the first era of humans, and then it would exist until humans go extinct. (I am not bringing in any science because I personally think this theory makes sense.)

  • Time machines are not possible

    A time machine is a device where you travel back in time. It's not possible, because we can only live in this time. If time machines will exist, then we can say that we should already have seen people claiming that they have traveled back in time. One of my friend said that 'you can only travel back in time until the time when time machines exist', well I can say 1 more thing.

    If the people traveled back in time to do a very simple thing, like let's say just pop up to that time, then it could leave to a very different thing now. Let's say you went back in time to kill a person. Since that person never existed in your real time, which is the purpose why you went back in time, you really never went to the time machine and go back in time, which makes you not being able to kill that person, and you get it. You just created a paradox.

    And I also believe that travelling in a speed of light is even necessary to make a time machine. If you run non-stop until you reach a good acceleration and remain at it for an hour, will it even change the time?

    In order to time travel, you have to break the laws of physics about space-time . (I'm sorry if it really has very obvious flaws I never intend this to be very great.)

  • No, time machines cannot exist.

    Time machines cannot actually exist because time travel is not real. I do not believe that time travel is possible. If there really was time travel, then I believe that we would have seen it publicly by now. This is why I do not believe that time machines do or ever will exist.

  • No there is no way

    There prob will never be a way because god put limits on things. And if we could then if we talked to yourself then time would be frozen restarting over and over because if you talk to yourself your past self would have no reason of coming back from the past and telling you to not make a facebook and then the future would not exist

  • Kind of a shame, really

    I have a theory (and yes, someone may well have come up with it in the past) that anything that, if in existence, would automatically or would have the potential to cause a paradox (theoretical paradoxes not included), it cannot exist. Time travel is, of course, included in this. You may well have heard of the following paradox: "If you went back in time and killed your mother, you would not have been born to go back in time and kill your mother, thus causing a paradox." As this paradox would be made possible by the presence of a time machine, or other time travelling receptacle, time travel simply cannot exist. No-one knows what would happen if a paradox was bought about, because it has never happened and can never happened. That is why time travel in any form and by any means, can never exist.

  • Time Travel is a one way street

    Humans are bound by the dimension of time, for something to be able to move through time it must not be bound by time. You can accelerate time, in terms of for an individual being placed in status. It is impossible for humans to exist outside of time, time is finite and has a beginning and thus an end the present is a constant movement through space and time, not a ripple, ever now or then or a constant cascade.

  • Chances are there for a time machine

    If time machine if already invented in the past or future what even it is they could have come to the present .... But its not the thing over here according to steven hawking travelling to future is possible but past is not possible is the comment ..... I dont thnk so past may be possible bt nt exposed as it may create many problems

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Anonymous says2013-07-18T23:46:00.583
Ever heard of wormholes and black holes? They exist. As in "time machine" a spacecraft that can carry living organisms through one.