Can today's African youth rise up to save the continent in the coming decades?

  • Yes, as any youth can.

    As with any country's situation, the young people are the ones who see what is going wrong and who are willing to do the protesting necessary. So yes they can save the continent of Africa, but the fact is that they will probably get older and lazier and more greedy like most of us do in middle age.

  • Yes, they have promise.

    Yes, today's African youth can rise up and save the continent in coming decades, because they are very smart, and have more information available to them than ever before. In the information age, African youth can quickly find information about how to improve their economies and install private property rights. With this knowledge, African youth will be able to make positive changes.

  • Yes they can.

    I am not quite sure exactly what this is referring to but youth always have a lot of power to change things. This is true in Africa as well! So, yes the youth can rise up to save the continent in the coming decades. This is true when it comes to wars, famine, and virtually any aspect of Africa that is having problems.

  • Africa can still be saved.

    Africa is a place of chaos, violence, and disorder. Foreign aid never seems to really cure the country of its ills. It is this reason that has me believing that any true agent of change has to originate from within the country, by the people of the country, for the people of the country.

  • Which answer do you prefer?

    Culture governs, work ethic, the pursuit for equality, gender racial etc. It governs policy, military doctrine, reproductive rates, the value of education.

    So after all this which answer are you looking for, the one you want to hear, or the one you need to listen to.

    Want. Yes they can do it, they have the willpower, engineering prowess, they can control their reproductive rates, they have a high value in education, value of law, right to defend one self etc. They can turn this around.

    Need: ...If you agree with the statement above then stop reading, if you know what is above is anything but true, then you already know the answer unfortunately.

    Cultures around human history have failed, some have succeeded, eventually all end, but some leave legacies. Saharan and Sub Saharan African culture isn't amongst the latter. 3000 years ago the greeks still look more advance than central and south Africa...And the western world went through the dark ages and still came out ahead. Why?...Many reasons all of which Central and South Africa do not have.

    Posted by: N711
  • No please just no

    I'm from South Africa and the youth already wants to run the country, and they are already planning on destroying our beautiful nation. They want to nationalize everything, turn their backs against the whites, the people helping them, and they want the Chinese help, even though they are robbing Africa blind. This will happen if you let the youth run every African country, they will all follow Zimbabwe, because they think their country is "successful".

  • No, that's unlikely

    The entire continent has been abused and kept under the thumb of its oppressors for so long that it's going to take longer than a couple of decades for anybody to get out of it. They likely never will. Natural resources brought us there, lack of regulation let us grab them how we wanted, the convenience of having them lets it continue.

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