• Yes we can we could help the animals

    We could help the world.All you guys could say no but we say yes we can help the need and help the poor.You dont need hoverboards or phones stuff.We need to help the world and dont worry about clothes other people dont even wear them

    by an 11 years old

  • Yes It Does

    The government of today, just like government of the past, has the ability to change the world. It decided how citizens go about living their lives and the rules that they abide by. The government is of the most influential things in the world today and effects billions of people.

  • Yes, it can.

    Government always has the power to change the world and those around us. The question is, will that change be a positive one, or a negative one? I would like to think that government has the power to make things better, but have seen a number of things to suggest otherwise.

  • Yes, anything is possible.

    Today's government can change the world because if they couldn't then there wouldn't be a government in the first place. Science is making progress, equality is slowly becoming a possibility and technology is improving every day. For better or worse, the government can change the world because the people who run the government will want a better world for their kids.

  • That is not the government's job.

    The U.S. Government's job is to first protect our borders and the people that reside within them. It's not doing that. It's bloated, self-serving and corrupt. Washington is never going to fix Washington and I don't think that most of the people in this country are even aware of what the government has become.

  • No it can't.

    As sad as it makes me to say, I think that the fact of the matter is that we simply are too far gone as a country and as a world. We have gone too far down the path of sin, and this cannot be fixed by any man or government.

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