• Justice is Justice

    It is a deterrent but more importantly justice, I care not for the selfish victims' families who no longer care for justice because they have lost something dear to them. Justice is Justice and must be exercised.

    E.G.1 A mass murderer must never be killed but given the most medically advanced (and most painful) form of electro-shock therapy 18hours a day seven days a week for the rest of their life. After having Jaw, Arms and Legs surgically removed of course. Strapped to a bed with mirror on the ceiling to stare into. Feed tube in stomach, permanently, maybe feed psychotropic drugs occasionally.

    E.G.2 A man who rapes a newborn for example should be flayed alive to die slowly by exposure to the elements. (Maybe also skullcap and jaw surgically removed first too).

  • Torture as punishment would be very effective in stopping crime.

    Torture as punishments for extreme crimes would be much more effective than time in prison or hard labor: it dissuades the criminal from trying to do something unlawful again, and people will know what waits for them if they decide to break a law.
    In effect, we'd have much less criminal activity in the country, there would be less taxes to pay for prisons, and we'd be living in a much safer society.

  • Torture is a good thing in some circumstances.

    The saying goes: "kill one, save a thousand"
    The same thing can be said of torture. Torture one person publicly and criminals would not think twice about committing the crime because they know that if they commit the crime then they'll be tortured. Some criminals are NOT deterred by the idea of prison, but I guarantee that they will be deterred by the idea of torture. It isn't solely about punishing a criminal, it's mostly about showing an example for future criminals.

  • Torture can be justified

    Lets face it, if some kid of the street and was raped and then killed what would the government do other than send them to jail for a comfortable life were they have a bad and food. We need torture to make sure that the message gets through to the people!!

  • Lessons not learned in blood are very easy to forget

    So people like Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy deserve comfort, medical attention and protection against other people who attack them. Torture is cruel yes, but so were the crimes of Bundy, Ramirez or Gacy. Why should mercy be shown to the people who never shown it themselves. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. I guarantee if you make these guys suffer every minute of every day with pain and torture and show the world what you do to people like this, I know for a fact there will be less people out there committing crimes so cruel. Look at the Boston Bomber, Anders Breivik, ect, they are laughing it up in their cells with no remorse while the families of their victims are dealing with torture every day on a day to day basis. I consider just as bad to feed these monsters as other people consider it bad to torture them. If I was a relative of Nicole Brown or Ron Goldman, i would want to see their murderers name is written in his blood.

  • The ones who say no clearly never had something bad happen to them.

    So people like Charles Manson, James Holmes, ect, you think it is right to give these murderers the same type of punishment as a guy who robbed a bank. The death penalty now is a quick and painless shot. Why should we show these "people" mercy if they never showed it to their victims? Sometimes the best lessons have to be learned in blood. Imagine if they murdered your loved ones. Im 99% sure you would want to see them suffer in pain every day. I consider it just as inhumane to comfort murderous monsters as some people consider it inhumane to torture them. Im pretty sure if you made life a lot less merciless for monsters such as Richard Rimerez, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, ect, I am pretty sure less people like that would exist. Sometimes the best lesson has to be written in red.

  • They deserve it.

    It is as simple is that. They deserve it.

    1. It is more cost-effective than prisons.
    2. It relieves the grief of the victims and their desire for revenge (assuming THEY can wield the implements of torture).
    3. It dissuades those sickos who are not dissuaded by prison.

    Bring back torture, please.

  • Extreme actions merit extreme punishment.

    Men such as Anders Breivik , James Holmes, and Adam Lanza deserve nothing more than months of excruciating pain for the dozens of innocent lives that they took without remorse. The reasons they have for doing what they did is irrelevant to the pain and suffering they have brought to hundreds of innocent people simply because of their cold hearted actions. Why should the families of those individuals who lost their lives to mad men such as this have to suffer the image of these men essentially smiling as they take the lives of innocent men, women, and children? Torture as a punishment would not only bring closure to the families of these individuals but the mere fact that these men would be ruthlessly tortured for months would make up for the pain they fell knowing that these psychopaths enjoyed taking the lives of their loved ones. The legal system as we know it is completely broken, allowing people who we know without a doubt did these atrocious acts to breath one painless breath after committing such actions is a slap in the face of those who lost their lives in these tragedies as well as a slap in the face to those who will miss the dearly departed. Not only are you slapping these people in the face but then you are pulling down your pants and shitting on their chest as you decide its appropriate to feed and shelter these individuals for life, or the 15 years they will spend on death row. 89% of the people on this website feel as though evil incarnate deserves to be treated as a human, while the sane 11% of this website are forced to watch as you pamper psychopaths like this in prison.

  • Recent shootings in Connecticut

    Torture should be used on those who have committed heinous crimes unimaginable by sane individuals. The recent shootings in Connecticut are an example, although this individual committed suicide. Torture sends a clear message to those who choose to commit such heinous acts. I recently read about a woman and man who beat and tortured their 12 year old son who hid their illegal drugs. Bruises were found on this poor boy on 90 percent of his body and they tortured him for over 12 hours. Individuals like this should have some sort of torture reserved for them as well. A stoning pit twice a year for the rest of their physical lives on this planet with jail time for the rest of their lives if they survive the stonings. Torture needs a place in society to make individuals think twice about committing heinous and cowardly acts. If we were a more just and moral society, heinous acts would truly be rare, but sadly we live in a fallen society. Torture should be allowed for those proven beyond any doubt they did something extremely heinous and demented.

  • No, I don't think that we have the right as a society to punish people, including the use of torture for any reason.

    I don't think that we should ever punish people in our society. Someone may take that statement, and read it as that I don't believe in jail. That is not true. While punishment is not okay, I do believe that jail is necessary to keep law-abiding citizens safe. When someone commits an offense, they need to be put away, so that they can reflect about how they will be constructive members of society when they get out, instead of detrimental members.

    Posted by: StellaH
  • No, torture is not a justified form of punishment, because it can cause long-lasting harm and damage to the individual, leaving them less mentally stable than they started with.

    Torture is a dangerous practice, and people react to pain and unpleasantness differently. The use of torture as a form of punishment could easily drive someone who is insane enough already to be even more out of control. Even if the system worked, it would rule through fear. No one who was in charge of deciding who got tortured could be trusted with that power.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Torture cannot be justified as an added form of punishment.

    Torture cannot be justified. If a child feeling his oats steals a piece of candy do you chop his finger off? If a person lies do we cut there tongues out? No because torture does not always teach lessons. It scars physically and mentally and often will not allow for the natural rehabilitation of a crime. It causes bitterness and anger which in the end will solve nothing.

    Posted by: WillowsErv
  • I do not believe that torture should ever be administered in any form.

    I do not believe that torture should be administered in any form. During times of war, the majority of those captured are generally low-ranking military personnel who are not the masterminds behind the war. In most instances, once they are tortured by the enemy, many return to their own camp only to be tortured again for being captured. How much torture is enough? Either try and sentence them, or let them go.

    Posted by: Quibarce
  • I do not believe torture should be used as a form of punishment. It does not help in changing criminal behavior.

    It has been shown that torture can lead to false confessions and wrong information when used to interrogate prisoners of war. It is also a violation of ethics to subject someone to things such as electroshock or water-boarding. Standard punishments should fulfill the need to make people pay for their actions without using torture.

    Posted by: BrewBest
  • The point of judicial punishment is to separate and rehabilitate.

    Those who want to torture as an added form of punishment miss the point. When we punish someone for a crime, we want to separate them from society while we rehabilitate them enough to re-enter society as a productive citizen. If the prisoner is going to get out of prison at some point, torture will just enrage them while adding nothing to the separation or rehabilitation goals. If not, then what's the point?

    Posted by: 54uIIan
  • Torture is never justified as a punishment. Extreme cruelty to another human being is never justified because that human being has committed a crime, regardless of the cruelty of that crime.

    Punishment for a crime should always be at least somewhat humane. How are people to be qualified to judge another human being if they have the ability to inflict inhumane consequences on the accused? If they have such an ability, they are no better than the accused. Also, torture cannot be easily measured or standardized as well as other methods of punishment, so it would be difficult to exact this type of punishment fairly.

    Posted by: Ch4rGaI
  • I oppose justifying torture as an added form of punishment.

    I do not believe torture can be justified as an added form of punishment. Torture is inhumane, and can be considered cruel and unusual punishment. This amendment was added for a reason, so justifying torture as another form of punishment goes against the Constitution. Even in the most violent and sadistic of cases, allowing torture on a government level is stepping down to a criminal's level.

    Posted by: Maximus Walton
  • Torture is not justified as a form of punishment, because it is cruel and not even justified as an interrogation technique.

    Torture is cruel and is never appropriate, period. Torture is not appropriate as a form of punishment. If incarceration is not enough punishment, then the death penalty would be less cruel than torture. Inflicting intense physical pain on another human will not suddenly turn them into happy, productive, peaceful members of society. And, it will not undo any crime that anyone has committed.

    Posted by: tagapps
  • No, because torturing another human being is never a justified form of punishment.

    Torturing another human being is never a justified form of punishment. We are all born with certain rights just by being human, and that includes freedom from torture at the hands of those like us. Torture is barbaric and outdated, and has no place in today's modern society. There are other more humane forms of punishment available.

    Posted by: WardGrad
  • Torture can't be justified as a form of punishment because it would be too hard to control it.

    If torture were allowed in certain situations, it would become hard to define the lines of when it was okay and when it wasn't. It would give the police too much power to do it too often and abuse that power.

    Posted by: darcyska

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