Can torture be justified being used against bad guys like terrorists?

Asked by: cjchang
  • Balance the scale.

    When something wrong is done, usually the penalty reflect the crime. If a person steals $1,000, it would be fair to have them pay $1,000. If a person intentionally takes the life of someone, many would say it is fair to take their life in exchange. In both, the scales are balanced. One thing that is still not balanced is if the criminal causes the suffering of his victims. To be fair, if they caused suffering, then they too should suffer. Terrorist not only kill large groups but also cause lots of others to suffer. To be fair, we should have them suffer as well. Clearly they have no qualms about causing suffering so they should not object to it being done to themselves. If, in the process of balancing the scales, they divulge useful information, all the better. Clearly it would be justified if was used to balance the scale.

  • Only things on the scale of water boarding.

    Water boarding despite how horrible people make it out to be isn't that bad when done responsibly. The funny thing is that some people accidently do something with similar to the effects of water boarding to themselves in the shower. You know of that moment when you wash your hair and the water flows over nose and you can breath for a half a second. That is basically what water boarding is. While it is an incredibly unpleasant feeling, it is not like you holding a persons head under water until they drown.

  • Be better than them.

    Nip it in the bud, torture doesn't work. It only gives people a reason to fight against you. It's immoral. There is no action that justifies breaking your moral high ground. If you want to stop terrorism, then stop participating in it. Torture only proves that you can't beat the enemy without acting like them. In which case they are winning.

  • They would and have done it to Americans!

    I'm all for an eye for an eye! We all see what happens when we play nice with terrorist. Morally justified, maybe not! But we need to do what we can to keep America safe. If morals could keep our men and woman safe...Then we wouldn't be debating over this.

  • There People too

    It doesn't matter what they believe should happen to America. I think that as Americans living under the bill of rights we should not use cruel or unusual punishment unless they ask for it. So it doesn't matter the only the should get killed on death row is if there fighting us on the battle field.

  • Torture is outdated.

    Terrorists are usually intending to change the world to an ancient way of dictatorship, if we were to use medieval tactics then we would be no better than them. Attention is what they want and if we torture them attention is what they will get. We are better than they are.

  • Excessive CIA torture

    Torture should only be used in the most dire of situations, to extract information, when we are certain the person about to be mentally and physically ripped apart by torture is the perpetrator. But the CIA tortures anyone who they think COULD be a terrorist, usually innocent people. And how do they torture?

    RECTAL FEEDING: A tube is shoved deep up your butt while you are wide awake, and food is pumped through it.

    INSECTS: You are locked inside a dark box filled with stinging insects that crawl all over your shivering, naked body.

    EXTREME SLEEP DEPRIVATION: The most recent senate CIA torture read: “Sleep deprivation involved keeping detainees awake for up to 180 hours, usually standing or in stress positions, at times with their hands shackled above their heads,” the Senate report reads in part. “At least five detainees experienced disturbing hallucinations during prolonged sleep deprivation and, in at least two of those cases, the CIA nonetheless continued the sleep deprivation.”

    FROZEN TO DEATH: You are stripped naked, shackled to a concrete floor in a way that presses your entire body against the cold floor, and left to die.

    WATER BOARDING: Most of us know what water boarding is, but not all are aware of its true extreme, terrible nature. A senate CIA report described water boarding as "physically harmful, inducing convulsions and vomiting.” After going through water boarding, a victim was described as "completely unresponsive, with bubbles rising through his open, full mouth."

    Torture is not justifiable or humane in any way, but it is still used by the CIA today on innocent people. Of course, not all will be innocent, and there won't always be absolutely no reason for the cIA to do this to a person. But usually there isn't a reason, and most of those people are innocent. To deserve to be tortured, one would have to be an absolute and utter menace to humanity, not just some guy who might be related to an obscure terrorist group.

  • Excessive CIA torture

    Torture should only be used in the most dire of circumstances, when we are certain the person about to be tortured is the perpetrator. But the CIA tortures anyone they think COULD be a suspect, many times completely innocent. And how do they torture?

    RECTAL FEEDING: A tube is stuck up your butt while you are wide awake and food is pumped through it.

    FROZEN TO DEATH: You are stripped naked, shackled to the cold concrete floor in a way that your whole body presses up against it, and left to die.

    INSECTS: You are locked inside a dark cramped box filled with stinging insects that crawl all over your naked body.

    EXTREME SLEEP DEPRIVATION: You are shackled to a wall, or kept in a stress-inducing position, and deprived of sleep for up to a week. The CIA torture report describes patients "experiencing disturbing hallucinations" during sleep deprivations.

    The CIA has not been held accountable for conducting these twisted methods of controlled brutality, and more, to countless innocent "prospected terrorists." Torture remains one of the great horrors of this country, and in no way is it justifiable, albeit in extreme circumstances where we are certain of who the perpetrator is.

  • Torture is Wrong

    Plain and simple, torture is wrong, and terrorists are bad. I get how you would think its okay, but torturing them only makes us more like them. And what if we mistake someone for a terrorist, or for some other bad guy but they are actually innocent? That would make us EVEN MORE like them. Plus, torture doesn't work. Its been proven that people being tortured will say ANYTHING to make it stop. So all we would be gaining is false information. We need to be the civilized group, we need to be better. The US is supposed to be, so we should be, and can be, better.

    Posted by: D.14
  • That would make us worse than them.

    Terrorists have done horrible things to us and people like us, but we shouldn't ever use torture as method of punishment because that would drag us down to their level. We need to be the better country and recognize that although terrorists are bad people, they're humans as well. So the CIA shouldn't be using torture methods against terrorists.

  • Ideally yes. In real life, no.

    An ideal eg of course, but for argument's sake. A terrorist has planted a bomb at an unknown location that could potentially jeopardize the lives of many people. You have him in custody but he will not yield to any form of interrogation. The bomb will automatically detonate in a few hours. He is the only one who formulated the plan so only he knows info about the bomb. In such a scenario, I feel that torture could be justified in a way. In other words I feel that morally we're in murky waters here, but the "human" thing to do would of course be to use torture as the last resort. After all, I feel that it is not a good idea to legalize torture because of the possible repercussions that could bloom as a response.

    Of course, reality is often complicated and consists of other circumstances that complicate things. For eg torture doesn't definitely yield positive results. The criminal could still withstand the effects of torture firstly. Or the criminal could give in and give the answer that the "authority" wants him to say just to stop the pain. Human body would be driven to insanity when pushed to its physical limits and capacity in enduring torture. In that case since the torture didn't yield results it's not really justified.

    Also there's the scenario where the guy may not be guilty and just a suspect. How much of a muddle would that be? No one can justify torturing an innocent person just because he was suspected to have a high chance of being the perpetrator. This is why I feel that despite the hypothetical scenario stated above, in most real life cases, torture cannot be morally justified. We shouldn't place ourselves on a higher moral ground and excuse ourselves from the moral consequences that are involved when we torture.

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