Can Toyota still be trusted after the latest scandal facing the company.

  • Yes, Toyota is still trustworthy

    It is my opinion that Toyota can still be trusted even after the latest scandal. The manufacturer has had a long history of producing reliable, safe, and efficient cars; this reliable precedent should not be outweighed by a single scandal. However, Toyota should take the scandal as a warning signal and be more careful in the future.

  • Toyota still wants to sell cars to the United States

    Since they were found to be lying about safety defects in their cars to the United States, it is unlikely that they will try to be deceptive about their cars in the near future. If they want to sell cars in the United States, they need to walk the straight and narrow.

  • The scandal over Toyota's use of Takata airbags is damaging, but the company's history shows it to be trustworthy in the long term.

    The Takata airbag scandal is very bad for Toyota but the company can still be trusted. Toyota is one of the world's biggest and most successful car companies, and this is a very serious incident, involving the death of some drivers. However, other car companies have suffered similar problems, with huge recalls, and people still buy their cars.

  • No, Toyota can not be trusted after the latest scandal

    Toyota took a severe hit on its reputation due to the number of vehicle recalls and scandals. The number of vehicles impacted by the airbag scandal is not only damaging to the company but a major safety scare for the vehicle owners. It will take a long time and a huge public relations effort to restore trust in Toyota.

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