• Yes, Tracy Morgan can make a comedy comeback despite his car accident.

    The car accident that Tracy Morgan was in wasn't his fault. The road to recovery will be a long and difficult one, but one day he'll be more than capable to return to his career as a stand up comedian. He has already overcome many other obstacles and made his way to success, I don't think he's going to let a car accident stand in his path.

  • Tracy Morgan can come back after car accident.

    Tracy Morgan has talent that will surpass his car accident. He will be able to thrive after this incident and continue his career if he chooses to do so. The car accident should have no affect on his comedic career, and he can continue to purse this career at this point.

  • Yes, Tracy Morgan can make a comeback despite being injured in a car accident.

    In the beginning, everyone was unsure that Tracy Morgan was going to be able to recover from his car accident. As the months went by, though, he has made a great recovery, even recently appearing for his first interview. Countless people involved in accidents return to their everyday lives through rehabilitation. Tracy Morgan is no different. With the right therapy and rehab, he can come back into comedy, and maybe even be better from his experiences.

  • No, he has had too serious of a brain injury.

    Tracy Morgan eill be unable to make a comeback in comedy because he has suffered a serious traumatic brain injury. During his interview on the Today Show he exhibited that he still had residual deficits, as exhibited by his slowed speech and emotional lability. He was in a coma and referenced the fact that he went through the Ranchos Los Amigos stages of coma recovery as evidenced by his statement about violence toward "Nurse Jackie", but mentioned that he still has much healing to do. Unfortunately, although he seems to be recovering well, a true complete recovery never happens in a TBI, and I do not believe that he can be a successful comic without full use of his faculties.

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