• Yes, I think so.

    Mr. Trump has been open to those and other policy priorities that could garner support from Mr. Sanders, Ms. Warren and other Democrats who, at least for now, seem eager to avoid four years of gridlock and unending political fights with the Trump White House. Many of the Democrats who just got elected, or are already in office, these are the exact same folks who spent the last decade driving US economy into a ditch.

  • Yes, they can.

    Trump and Obama can work together for common goals. This is actually possible only if Trump is willing to become open minded and avoid his arrogance. If he happens to embrace this, he will have the best time leading us. This is be cause the protesters will also begin to have a liking for him.

  • They have no choice.

    Yes, Trump and Obama can work together for common goals, because they are both committed to the job they have to do for the country. Trump is actually quite progressive on many social issues. If liberals would listen with an open mind they might find that they do not dislike Trump as much as they think.

  • They should, but they won’t.

    Trump will not compromise on his issues. He and Obama have different viewpoints, and therefore would have to COMPROMISE. If Trump is not willing to do this, then working together has no purpose. Trump needs to become open minded to start negotiations. He is not open minded, so at this point, no, they will not work together.

  • No, Trump and Obama cannot work together for common goals.

    No, Trump and Obama cannot work together for common goals because Trump does not support any reasonable legislation. He is a horrible human being who will do whatever it takes to make money and stay in power. Those are his only goals and Obama should resist him as much as possible.

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