• Always a possibility.

    Trump has surprised many Americans. At the beginning of the campaign last year, nobody would have guessed that he would end up being the party's nominee. Now that he is, it is now a possibility that he can actually beat Clinton and take a seat in the White House. Who would have guessed?

  • Of course he will

    They said the Brexit was impossible but they were wrong I've never seen a presidential candidate in my life that I thought cared more about America and Americans in my life he's not afraid to tell us the truth and he's got the establishment crapping themselves I live in a blue state and never seen a Hillary supporter

  • Of course he can beat her.

    The bigger question is-will he? There is still a very large minority of the population who will vote for her. These are the people who would vote for her even if she was sitting in a prison cell. A case of criminal conduct was proven against her, which was clearly stated to have placed the nation's security and that of her agents in jeopardy, and yet she still has true believers. Remember the requirements to register to vote in most states, if not all: a citizen having survived long enough to have 18 birthdays. That's it!

  • Of course it's possible

    It seems that whatever Trump says or does just adds to his popularity, whereas whatever Clinton says or does decreases her chances of becoming the President. Nobody can say for sure who is going to win the presidential race, but at this point Trump's triumph unfortunately would not be a surprise.

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