• Of course it is

    I learned most English words from TV watching movies and many cartoons. They are also entertaining as well as educational. It's still better then going to school. Imma also learn lots of scientific facts by watching discovery channel, National geographic etc. It's really better then that stupid school af. Ok

  • What is education?

    Education is the acquisition and storage of information. Sensory input is how we acquire new information, Whether that be from TV or book or smartphone or computer screen or simply interaction with our surroundings and other people.
    If after watching TV we are able to remember and recall what we have seen, Then we have been educated.

  • TV has influenced so many in a good way when it comes to education

    I feel like people forget things like Sesame Street, Bill Nye, The OG Mickey Mouse Club, And so much more. We don't only get smarter from reading and studying. We have to have soft skills like compassion and empathy, Which is exactly what these shows have taught us, Whether we know it or not.

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