Can two different goals serve the same purpose in society?

  • Yes they can.

    Two different goals can serve the same purpose for society and people of the community. I thin that goals are generated from wanting a beginning and end result and even if we want the end to be different the how to get there could be the same and end up resulting in two different goals serving the same purpose.

  • Yes, "by whatever means necesary" means that there are at least two ways to do something and that using both is allowable.

    The best way to argue this point is by example. Say you're purpose is to increase test score in the inner-city. One way would be to provide more, and better, and more well-paid teachers in order to tackle the specific problems associated with the environment those kids are subjected to. Another way would be to help elevate the poverty level in the area with jobs programs and work-force re education. Both goals serve the same purpose.

  • Competition, Sports Serve Same Purpose

    Competitions of all types, whether they revolve around board games or physical sports, serve as metaphors for war in contemporary society. Although not perfect, Americans would rather see one football team beat the heck out of another every Sunday on the gridiron as sports injuries are preferable to billions of dollars wasted on the battlefield killing other humans. In this respect, war and sports competitions serve the same purpose--they help humans take out aggression. Sports are far better than war because no one dies from a bullet in the NFL.

  • Two different goals cannot serve the same purpose in society.

    If two goals are different, they cannot serve the same purpose. Social issues take many forms, but it is not possible for two different answers to the same question to fulfill the same goal. Otherwise, the would simply be two forms of the same solution, which is really the same thing.

  • Rarely one way

    There are few situations when there is only one way to do something, and even rarer that there is only one right reason to do it. People and leaders with good intentions regularly ruin things for many people, so there is no reason to think that the opposite can't be true.

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