• Given appropriate conditions I believe it's possible.

    I believe it has been done. If it has been done then it can be replicated. If we can replicate it on mass, Then perhaps we can focus on more Physical problems i. E. Canals and interstellar travel instead of diverting energy into walls or accumulation of inconceivable amounts of wealth. What are the conditions required for replication of this relationship if it's possible? If it isn't possible, Then. . . >:)

  • Yes, They definitely can get along indefinitely.

    Is it bad use of language, Or a bad concept? The word "indefinitely" means just that. . . . . An unstated period of time. Two people who get along for a day, Got along indefinitely. Two persons who got along for ten years also got along indefinitely. The opinion is stated in an inaccurate manner.

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