Can two people with differing beliefs in god (one person believes in god, the other is an atheist) have a happy marriage?

Asked by: Cinnamon153
  • No rational person is going to say no here.

    Atheists generally have the same desires as a christian and not believing doesnt imply that you believe god does not exist. It means you dont know enough to believe either way. Some people claim that atheism is just like religion. But not believing in something because you dont know and believing in something without evidence are not the same thing while atheism is the lack of belief in god. Men love dumb girls so Christians might fit right into their wheel house. Some atheists agree with the christian morality somehow as if its any less ridiculous than the other claims. To defend slavery is to advocate what your calling the devil.

  • I know a bunch of them. My parents for example.

    Dad used to believe in God, but he doesn't anymore. Mum still believes in God. They have a very happy marriage, you'll have to take my word for that though. I doubt very much that it's just an impossibility to have a happy marriage with differing beliefs, no couple is likely to have opinions that exactly coincide.

  • Like Cinnamon153 wrote,it is entirely possible but heavily depends on the people.

    I completely agree with Cinnamon153. If a radical Muslim or televangelist Christian try to have a relationship with someone non-theistic (Atheist, Agnostic, etc.) then the relationship will definitely not work out. However, if the religious individual is like the majority of Christians in that they do not push their beliefs and follow the ideas of Jesus instead of the ideas of hate and the non-theist individual does not hate on religion constantly, then they can have a happy marriage.

  • It is possible, but it depends on the people

    While a belief in God is a pretty foundation part of your person, I think that it's possible to have a happy healthy marriage with two differing beliefs. But, it will only work if both people understand the other person's perspective and are not actively trying to 'convert' the other person.
    Both parties need to exercise patience and understanding with the other person's belief. It also means that both people need to be on the same page when it comes to raising their children because one part indoctrinating their children with religious beliefs will cause problems in the marriage.
    So, yes, it's possible, but difficult.

  • My grandparents are like this

    My grandma is a strong atheist. My grandpa is a strong Christian. They have been married for over fifty years and they still love each other. My grandma goes to church, sings hymns, says prayers, but she just has a different belief. Marriage does not determine who someone will marry.

  • Sure they can

    Yep, theres way more to a persons personality than religious beliefs. I date a liberal, opposite of me politically, but doesn't cause any trouble.
    Bonds between people are way more complex than a few opinions the people share. Anyone who can't see past thats too shallow to haver a relationship.

  • Sure they can!

    My wife is a saved Christian, frequent church attendee, and firm believer (claims to know ) that god exists. I am about as atheist as it comes. I have always, since a little kid, even though I was in church all the time (my wife got "saved" in my family church) and I have never believed. We have an amazing marriage and both know our limits when it comes to talking about religion. The only challenge I see is when my son comes of age and questions the world around him. It will be a challenge for both of us to let him make his own definition of the world and how it was created, without us influencing him. But other than that, we are as happy as can be. We have been together for six years, married for two!

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steffon66 says2015-08-21T18:35:52.967
It would be ridiculously illogical to claim that no atheist could stay married to a christian or vice versa. For that reason im calling this one of the dumbest questions asked on debate.Org