Can Tyler, The Creator be compared to other rappers?

Asked by: TheStruggles
  • Yes he can

    I think when it comes to his work that it speaks for itself that by no means is it different enough to be considered any different then any other types of rap music in the industry and in fact it should noted that rap is rap regardless of the type message it is stressing.

  • Yes he can!

    I have never heard him, but with a picture like that, he must be great! Amazing sense of fashion, too. I like the dinosaur shirt. What does he sing about- er, rap about? Wait... Creator. Dinosaur shirt. Is he a creationist like Kent Hovind? Awesome! I will check him out on youtube, thanks!

  • One of the best

    Usually when I think of him and his lyrics, I just feel great and care-free, usually how some Eminem and Kendrick songs make me feel. His albums are created into a story line, and a great one, really, and although we haven't heard him freestyle for real, I think he'd be able to compete with many great rappers.

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ismfofboy227 says2014-01-01T01:50:45.060
I dont know what the question means. Is it asking "is he is too far up the scale he cant be compared?" or "is he too far under the scale nobody can hear him even try to compare himself"