• Unions Are Important

    Unions help economic growth, and they do not hinder them. Unions are out fighting for workers and getting them high pay and better pension benefits. This all translates into money that can be spent into a market economy. The more people buy products, the stronger and more powerful the economy becomes for everybody.

  • Unions Are Important

    To clarify - real unions are as important just as police, teachers, doctors etc. are necessary. Unfortunately in the US very few or none exist. Working men and woman who have fought and sacrificed for this country are the ones that have purchased true freedom and deserve to have voice

  • No. Unions almost always hurt local economies.

    No. Unions used to play a very important part in protecting the American work force. At that time, they were able to improve the local and national economy based on the fact that as industry blossomed, the work force blossomed with it in a safe and productive manner. In this day and age, unions only serve to drag down the economy with unwarranted salary requests and strike imposing stand offs. They could serve a role in turning around an economy if they would stray from some of their current tactics.

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