• Distracting hurtful and can get stolen

    Many bad things can happen when using cell phones . People focus way too much on them instead of their schoolwork . This could cause the students to get bad grades maybe even fail education is very important cell phones just make many matters worse plus cell phone usage can also be a form of bullying.

  • Of course it can.

    Using a cell phone can create numerous problems. Although it probably will not affect our physical health, but that is not proven either, it can and does have effects on our mental health. It can cause us to ignore those around us because we are busy texting. It can also cause us to endanger ourselves, such as driving and texting.

  • Quite a few issues actually...

    First off, cell phones are more accident prone than other devices. It seems as though the smaller they make devices, the easier they get broken. Secondly, they are much more easily stolen than bigger devices, even with new anti-theft technologies. Thirdly, they seem to cause social issues. People don't seem to even want to greet each other in public anymore, they just want to stare at the screens. Using the one subway shooting as an example. A man pulled out a gun, and played with it for a minute before commencing with the shooting. Nobody noticed because they were so intrigued with their phones and tablets.

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