• Only women and cowards settle arguments with guns

    If a gentleman has a problem with another man, for example, down the pub, he invites him to discuss the issue further outside, but he doesn't bring his friends for extra muscle and he certainly doesn't bring a weapon, rather he resolves the matter to his full satisfaction using his own fists. I understand that most women do not have the physical strength to defend their honor against a man, but a gentleman does not resort to pulling a gun on an adversary, he fights it out one on one, even if he loses that fight.

  • It Is Cowardly

    Using a gun can definitely be seen as cowardly. Unless you are hunting, there is no need for a gun. Anyone carrying one around for protection is letting the rest of us know that you cannot fight and have a hard time defending yourself with just your fists. It is cowardly.

  • Anybody can use a gun, it takes a real man to fight hand to hand

    Drawing a gun makes you a chicken because, if the other person does not have a gun, it rules the fight out as unfair, and its just not cool. Even in self defense, using a blade is one thing, but pulling out the gun just makes you a total p*ssy

    Posted by: JTBA
  • Guns Are For Those Who Can't Handle Real Consequences Up And Close

    Guns, like any projectile based weaponry, is going to remove you from the actual death of a human. You don't have to do it yourself up close and personal without any real threat to yourself (or as much of a threat) if you had to do it with bare hands or even a knife. Killing someone with a melee weapon takes far more skill and effort than a gun. If you are ever taking the easiest method to take a life (and feel you must take a life) than you are a coward. It doesn't mean it's wrong you did so, but you should accept you are a coward. That you value life more than honor, and that's fine. But you are still a coward.

  • Fear stops you thinking but with a gun you don't have to!

    A gun gives the coward a sense of empowerment. If pulling a trigger required courage there would be almost no gun violence, and arms dealers would go out of business. You don't need to carry a gun because the most dangerous weapon you will ever own is the one between your ears, if you know how to use it.

  • Any person who uses or carries a gun in a civilized society is a coward

    Arguments happen, disagreements happen. Why draw a gun? The reason you draw a gun is that you failed to win your argument, you failed to persuade your opponent of your case. Since you the gun bearer can't use logic, you pull a gun and shoot your opponent. Cowardly, less than human, pathetic.

  • Guns have and show almost no skill in a fight

    When in a fight to defend yourself, to settle something, or to go on the offensive you bring with you wepaons to inflict damage to your opponent. Be it your wit , your killing tool, or (this is just for points sake) your magical power , ultimately your skill with your weapon will decide the outcome of the fight. A gun..... Just doesn't do that.

    With the gunpowder doing all the pushing and a tiny piece of metal doing all the harming, then the one of the basic principles of a fight, skill, in extremely lowered or just eliminated outright. After all, the gun is doing all the work for you while you just stay there and pull a trigger. In that case, it's not much of a fight, but more of who could get a lucky shot while you hide behind something. Absolutely little to no work done and no skill displayed.

    Now in a fight.... That's not really convincing. In any martial arts, your style is different and victory is dependent on how you use your training, experience, and knowledge. Even if 100 students trained under the same master, it would still be 100 different styles with a basic root. Even in (this is just for the sake of the point therefore, not that debateable) a fight of magic it all depends on how you use your spells against the potentially equal, inferior, or more powerful foe. So when victory is achieved, it is defenite and certain that it was achieved by skill or in some cases luck.But a gun, no matter how well designed or what calibur of bullet used, is just... The same. It basically boils down to who can get the lucky shot, who will run out of ammo, or most of the time who will get the lucky shot. Now when your main weapon is majorly dependent on luck and trajectory that could be easilly affected... That really says something about your skill. At least when you punch slice or blast magic, it's all comming from you but guns that make it easy for you...... Not really.

    When two swordsmen , martial artists , or (again, this is for the sake of the argument, so please ignore your prejudices) two mages fight fight, the winner is the one that is more skilled. When two gunmen fight an one walks away, he was either lucky or just really lucky since all both men had to do was pull atriger anyway.

    So i leave with a saying I read a long time ago:
    "In a gunfight, there are a thousand reasons for winning and an equal number of reasons for losing. In a fight of the sword, the body, or the magic arts there is only one : skill. Now when the fight ends on skill, there is almost no doubt who is the victor."

  • MAN or dirt

    Fight like a man and don't use guns. We all need to learn how to man up just like are ancestors did. When you use a gun against someone who is innocent, is like fighting a 2 year old kid with a sword. We are all going to die anyway, why not die with dignity by fighting with our bare hands? Back then everyone was a real man because they used their bare hands to fight and kill animals. I would consider you a man if you hunted an animal with your bare hands and killed it in order to eat.

  • Guns are in effective, they'll just bite you back.

    Why use a gun, why do we even have guns, just use another weapon one that isn't completely over powered...

    Imagine your having a car race with 5 cars all say 300 hp then someone brings a car with 1000 hp drag car...

    When there are more guns in society; the likely hood of the guns falling into the wrong hands increases exponentially!

    We simply don't need to waste planetary resources on such devices, a tube that shoots metal at high velocities.

  • Of course, though most seem to not understand what cowardly is.

    Perhaps this is lost on humanity nowadays, but has it ever occurred to think that the reason for rampant crime isn't just because of how deplorable your fellow man is? It's partly that, but it's made INSANELY easy thanks to the ready availability of fire arms. Think about it, wars became bloodier because now a single soldier could fire a gun and kill someone yards away, sometimes without ever chancing harm to himself. You can argue that before guns wars and crime were more violent in a way of course, but in that same token we don't 'fight' wars anymore, we send people trained nearly exclusively in ways to keep a true fight from happening by shooting them first, and people still die in droves. Criminals now don't need to worry about planning, or tact or even subtlety, any slack jawed idiot can pick up a gun and shoot it as well as any other man. Sure some people are better shots then others, but in the end it's more point and pull then any other weapon. Because they're so easy to use and have such availability cartels and other groups like then can easily take anyone into their ranks and command a great deal of false 'power' over people in a way that decent humans don't abuse. Humanity has created a situation were guns are your only ability to fight against such cowards because they don't have the balls to actually fight you, thus eliminating most other options to combat them. Guns as an 'equalizer' is possibly one of the biggest illusions the world can perpetrate. A woman now CAN protect herself against a strongest attacker yes, but she could do the same with perhaps an advanced form of tazer, or mace, or knife, or something perhaps other then a tool only capable of death in most instances, in a lot of these cases I wouldn't be surprised if the attack had a gun as well and it just devolved into a standoff. A gun wasn't the answer to start, but thanks to cowards and those that think being able to say "I can kill without trying" is powerful or righteous, it's becoming the only response, and that makes me pity us.

  • Cowardly? How so?

    First off, the reason why people carry guns is because they are exercising their Second Amendment rights. You should be lucky you even live in a country that lets citizens use guns at all. Second, they carry because they are prepared for government tyranny. When the military gets defeated, the armed citizens have to fend for themselves. And third, they use them for self defense because criminals DON'T FIGHT FAIRLY! Would you really ask a criminal who is aiming a gun at you to drop it and fight like a man? You idiots on the yes side that are talking about fighting fairly and using your fists are one of the reasons why so many innocent people die at the hands of criminals. I, for one, refuse to be a victim of crime, which is why I carry everyday and everywhere I go. Even if a criminal who is unarmed attacks me, I would still shoot him, since he doesn't follow the law anyway, which means he doesn't deserve to be fought fairly. Judging by the title, I can see that this debate was meant to attract anti-gunners so they can spew out their propaganda. The only thing cowardly here are those of you who call others cowards while hiding behind a computer monitor.

  • This is an absurd assumption

    Guns are equalizers. Not everyone can fight with their fists. Maybe their assailant is on drugs? What then? Guns are the most efficient methods of self defence out there. It's not cowardly to have to use one. Maybe a guy has serious asthma that can't have his heart rate up for extended periods without collapsing? Is he a coward for using the perfect means of self defence?

  • You have to have courage to use a gun.

    You have to be a real man or woman to use a gun to kill something. This would be like saying a man in the Army is a coward because he or she uses a gun, or a man that hunts is a coward for using a gun. I believe it takes a strong person to use a weapon.

  • No not at all.

    It absolutely does not make that person cowardly. What if I am living in an area with high gun violence and I have 3 kids and a wife to look after. Am I still a coward? People have guns for all different reasons and if I could have a gun I would get one. And it has nothing to do with being a coward, I use to box, and have no problem fighting without a gun. However, if you plan on fighting with your fists and a guy pulls a knife, I bet you'd be thankful you have that gun.

  • Lol the people on yes side

    The people on yes side are what is ruining our country today. "oh we don't need guns because if a criminals has one you should use your fists instead of evening the odds". Why are people lacking common sense nowadays? sometimes I think people are stupid on purpose. Why cant I have a gun to defend myself, if a criminal tries to attack me I would certainly not want to rely on just my firsts to stop him id rather have a 2050 fps handgun to put him down. Making things fair for bad guys is what we want eh? The idiots are taking over.

  • Really...Are you guys serious?

    Someone breaks into your house. You (hopefully) own a firearm. You have two options, you hope the other guy will respect the "gentlemen" rules of combat, where you smack each other with a glove in the face or you use the tools you have to end the conflict right then and there. You don't know this guy, He's breaking into your home, where your wife and children sleep, your castle. If you use a firearm to defend yourself, would you call yourself a coward? For defending the people you love against someone who is desperate enough he breaks into your home?

  • Not at all

    While shooting someone to win an argument is most definently cowardly, defending yourself with a gun is not. Using a gun isn't wrong, but being a criminal is. You can't go on thinking that its wrong to stop a gun with a gun, it's ridiculous. Even if your attacker was not as well armed as you, why would it be cowardly to use anything other than "your own fists" to preserve your life? Lets say a man broke into your home wielding an axe and intending to murder your wife, rape your daughter, and cut your fingers off.
    Would you
    A. Explain loudy that you are calling the police and wait for help to arrive as the man is doing what he wanted
    B. Charge at the man with your fists held high expecting to defend yourself from his axe (which oddly enough wasn't made to murder)
    C. Pull your Ruger out from underneath your bed, warn the man that you will kill him if he harms your family, then call the police and wait
    D. Sternly wag your finger at the man and tell him that your home is a registered "axe free" zone
    I would think that the choice would be clear here, and I would hope that you wouldn't tell your friends or your family off for shooting a man who had illegally obtained a gun and attempted to murder you. Especially if your friends gun is legally registered and the only argument you have is that bringing a gun to a gun fight isn't "manly enough"

  • That depends, but even if it's not cowardly that doesn't make it right

    There are things that are just downright evil, but too often people like to just throw on any negative term they can think of when they are (often rightly) morally indignant. A man who pulls out a gun first thing, his life is not even threatened, that man is violent, aggressive, and completely wrong. Cowardly? Depends on whether he would have just ran away if he had forgotten his gun. Maybe he would've used his fists or even his words if he didn't have it.

  • In a street fight anything goes

    If you get into a physical altercation with someone and they try to hurt you, You get a natural response of fight or flight and sometimes you can't run. Given you have no experience in the military or mma, You may be weaker or vulnerable as there is always someone stronger, Someone taller, Someone bigger. There are no weight divisions in the street. Having a gun can diffuse this life threatening situation. You aren't a pussy if you are a man who is short, Not as big or built as a model, Or is too old defend himself. Despite your genetic limitations, If you have the will to fight, You are not a coward. That being said, A gun is a tool people of any height, Any weight, And any age can use. 90 percent of street fights involve weapons or take fights to the ground. A gun gives you an advantage of distance and firepower over these odds. It also rather saves you from injuries than getting permanent brain damage from fist fights.

  • What? Really, guys?

    Fighting to solve problems is "manly"? Gun owners (legal ones) aren't a bunch of cowboys running around causing shoot outs. Usually that is the task of dope dealers and psychotic people. Why would I fist fight anyone outside of sport, period? If I can't solve an issue with words, I walk away. If someone accosted me with a knife, broke into my home, or puts me in another scenario where I can't just walk away, why the hell wouldn't I want a firearm even if they are weaker than me in a physical confrontation? So I can get stabbed or possibly worse? No, it isn't cowardly at that point to brandish a firearm. On top of all that, a skilled marksman doesn't have to shoot to kill in order to capacitate a man. I see a bunch of immature kids have gotten on here and stated already that it's not manly. Once you've lived a little and see 1) the world is not setup for a fair fight and even if you're a 200lb MMA fighter there is always someone who can fight more effectively somewhere, and that 2) fighting should be avoided at all costs unless you are in a life threatening situation, you are simply contributing to the kind of violence that breeds the conditions for murder. Seriously? When have you been at a bar and just decided you wanted to fight someone? If that's your solution, "we'll just fist fight to solve our problems instead of talking like civilized people" then you ARE the kind of person who would make a rational man consider being a firearm owner. Because no rational men are actively looking for a fight. Chumps make me sick, I guess when our country gets invaded or the government turns on us we can fight them hand-to-hand and with political correctness. Joke.

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Craighawley215 says2014-06-13T17:15:56.187
In the case of responsible gun owners, they are taught specifically that firearm usage is a last resort for protecting yourself and loved ones from immediate endangerment. The use of firearms in the settling of disputes/to send a message, can both be construed logically and legally as firearm misuse, which will be looked upon as criminal in many cases. So for the sake of this opinion poll, you should have defined the circumstance as either the RESPONSIBLE use of firearms for the purpose of self defense in the face of immediate danger to your livelihood, or as a tool used for settling an argument.