• Sheep dogs work.

    Yes, using animals to control other animals can work at large, because there are some animals that naturally do this. The perfect example is the sheep dog. With one dog, a dog can round up an entire herd of sheep. That is one animal that can control many other animals.

  • Animals contoling other animals only works in some cases.

    There is really only one animal that I can think of that is capable of controlling other animals. That is the dog. There are some dogs that are very good at herding other animals like sheep and cows. Both of those animals are not very smart, which makes them easy to control. Dolphins are really smart, but I do not see them controlling any other type of fish or mammals.

  • What is at large?

    I believe dogs have been used quite commonly to herd and perform other duties with wildlife. I can't really think of any other instance where we have used animals to control other animals. I'm not quite sure what is meant by "at large" either. Should we expect a single dog to heard 5,000 cattle? No, probably not.

  • No, using animals to control other animals does not work at large.

    The animals that are able to control other animals need guidance from humans on how to control the other group of animals. A sheep herder gives his dog commands so that they can work together in tandem to control the flock of sheep. If the dog were to act on its own, it would not be as effective at herding the sheep.

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