• Yes its a sport.

    Concentration, quick reactions, strategic overview, tactical intuition. All part of sport in varying degrees. Unless the definition of sport has changed to a select group involved in physical exertion as the only prerequisite then computer games are competitive. Formalise this and you have sport.
    By heavenlypandas words he has a very narrow definition of what sport is. The difference between a pastime and a sport is perception. Anything that one can dedicate resources to perfecting is an act of sport. Darts, snooker, billiards, bowling the list is long and bereft of over muscled sweaty jocks.
    Until we go back in time to when sport was the act of hunting, not for necessity but pleasure then panda's definition itself is suspect.

  • Everything is a sport

    Stop hating on games cuz you learn a lot from them and also little fact ur body is always renovating so sitting down still without moving is still a sport, and these games is a ''sport'' for your brain and hands because you figure out the patterns and learn more about the subject such as... Are you smarter then a 6th grader, thank you very much, have a good day and i mean it, if ur mad dont cry be happy, spend all ur days as if they the last, your welcome :)

  • But of course!

    It's not physical challenge but mental. You may have to run in football, but the thinking is pretty easy. "Chase the ball." In video games, you have to find escape routes, you have to consider all possibilities. Not to mention, Kinect requires exertion. So yes. Video games are a sport. Both physically and intellectually.

  • Obviously it has already happened

    Wether you like it or not there are already leagues for games like csgo lol and rocket league with thousands of people watching them and we have had scandals while they are bad they make esports more like real sports so yes they can because they already are look them up

  • It really depends

    This debate all hinges of the definition of a sport. One person might say that a sport requires physical activity while another person might say that any kind of competitive entertainment is a sport. So if the Question is CAN video games be a sport, then the answer is yes. Also, chess is seen as a sport by the Olympic committee, so why not video games?

  • Video games are for lazy people.

    The day we consider sitting on our butts staring at a screen a sport is the day lazy people rule the world. Not only would video games be disgraceful to sports but its also insulting to those who play an actual sport. Video games becoming a sport is laughable. They don't require much skill and sitting on your butt 24/7 staring at a screen isn't physically exerting. People who want video games to be a sport are just lazy people who want to boast that they play a sport. If you want to claim you play a sport, actually get out there and actually do something rather than going with the easy option. Video games would disgrace the very name of sports. Feel free to challenge me to a debate.

  • Oh, come on.

    Video games, except logic and puzzle games, officially make you more stupid. When you are doing a sport, your body needs energy, strength, agillity and edurance. Being in front of a screen and hitting some buttons over and over, should definately not be considered as a sport. But, if sport means addiction, bad shape and lazyness, then yes, video games should be considered as a sport.

  • Videogames Should Certainly Not Be A Sport

    A sport should involve physical activity and is meant to draw people away from laziness. However if this were to be true laziness would be promoted. We are living in a world where most people are doing their best to get in shape, go outside and play sports. Do we really want laziness to be promoted and watch the world to lose insight on cricket, football, rugby etc.?

  • Video games are not a sport

    Video games are not sports. Sports involve movement and exercise and gaming involves sitting down moving your fingers on a keyboard or controller, which while this is technically movement, it doesn't make you any fitter. Too many kids are being sucked into the sad world of video games and becoming service zombies to their Xboxes or PlayStations. It is really quite sad.

  • Of course not.

    Why? Well it is pretty obvious. Does it take you discipline, hard work, perseverance and a lot of energy to play video games? NO. In many, if not all sports, commitment is required, as well as a whole lot of other values such as discipline. What about video games? I am not saying you cant play them,and i admit that it is not easy to be good at it, but it is so easy to just plop yourself on the sofa and start gaming. Sports require blood, sweat and tears to be shed, and all effort has to be put into it. No, video games can never be a sport.

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