• Ever played BO2

    In the ever so popular black ops two game: the president was a woman, petreus was the secretary of defense, the president looked like Hilary Clinton, the boat you fought on was the USS Barack Obama. It looks to me like the person who made this game supported Hilary Clinton, Obama(they named the boat after him, and it was huge), and many other things. I am against Obama and Clinton. Not to mention that I am pretty sure he or she was against technology, which I am too.

  • Yes, they can be.

    Video games in our society today comes in many different forms and varieties. Not only are people capable of making anything they want within a video game, there is also an online option. In MMO video games where many people are talking, they do have the ability, and at times do, discuss political things.

  • Yes, video games can be political

    While I think video games have the potential of being political, I am not sure at the moment they are. In a video game you can create anything you want, and make it about anything you want. It sounds like an interesting challenge, but I am sure someone could make very political type game if they wished.

  • Yes, they can be.

    Yes, I think that video games can be political. It seems as though everything is political in some way. I think that video games are no exception. The violence, dialogue, etc. In video games can all be political in some way or another. Sometimes, though, it might not be intended to be political, but people perceive things in all sorts of ways.

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