Can video games have a positive, beneficial, or inspirational effect on those that play them?

Asked by: GoodPoint
  • The majority of video games has a positive effect

    It's amazing how even the older childhood games can have a positive message or a way of teaching the individual something new. Ranging from simple video games to the newly developed simulator games, they all teach us something, most of this is positive. Let me use as example the rather newly developed game "Medal of Honor; Warfighter", the simulation in this game comes very close to the real deal in this world today, you get to get inside a tier one special forces operator and behold various combat and survival scenarios which teach us skills in strategy, tactics and survival. Developed with tier one special forces all over the world this game sets a new standard for real life simulation of these scenarios, areas and operators. Or lets say Assassins Creed, the gameplay of this truly amazing game drags us right back in history, and the people that play this game get to see a big deal in history of that time not to forget a pretty big deal of literature too. I think I might even be able to say that even Grand Theft Auto has a somewhat positive contribution to the mind, don't get involved with gangsters, mobs, mafias and don't piss off the police. It's bad for your health. Even the most simple games like tetris do something positive to the mind, for example it teaches and triggers our strategic part of the brain in response time. I could go on and on and on about this, but I believe you all get the point.

  • I found myself inspired by video games since I was a young girl actually,

    It's true I was allured by the ideas of being a hero, helping people and saving the world, all of those things drew me in as they would any child. However, the most positive effect these stories had on me actually showed in my own character. In the games I played, games like Mass Effect and Skyrim to cite an example, you could be male or female, your skin color could go from conventional human all the way to a flamboyant set of rainbow stripes in some games, you could be chubby or scrawny, downright hideous or drop-dead gorgeous, and it never affected the gameplay. This truly made me reflect on the world. Here my character stood, average looking and female and it made absolutely no difference on her given personality or confidence, to the point where the only thing the game changed in dialogue was the pronouns. And no matter what she looked like or sounded like, my character could always save the day. Unlike conventional movie or book styled role models, my character could be whoever I dreamed, and still be treated the same as anyone else's character. That appealed to me far more than the simple story telling. And I can firmly say that video games have had a positive beneficial effect on me.

  • Creative Gamer Girl

    I am 18year old female and play Assassins Creed, TombRaider, and Call of Duty. I play theses games when either im upset (not angry just sad) or when I can not sleep. Theses games do not give me nightmares or cause me to think negative, I see all the detail thrown into theses video games and looking how it is made tells me actual people put on suits to create the main character. Tomb Raider makes me feel like I can practice archery and go outside more and maybe even go hunting with my big brother so we can bond. Call of Duty shows me how risky it can be for people in the army or military, it has me want to shake survivor's hand and thank them deeply for protecting everyone. Assassins Creed has me thinking all the time, it also has a great way to learn history and think how hard life was back then. All the detail that games have can stick to kids like me that see how life can change with a simple act or motion.

  • They can have a positive effect but video games are hard to compete with as far as educational stimulus.

    I believe there are benefits to video games but from my experience with children they are hard to compete with as far as stimulating the mind. Video games are designed to get the player hooked. There are rewards and highly stimulating action. When a child becomes accustomed to playing video games it become hard to concentrate on something like a book. I think that it is a fine line between video games being beneficial and being something that alters a child's ability to concentrate on low stimulus materials.

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