Can violent video games lead to behavioral issues?

  • Your Brain cannot ascertain the difference between reality and virtual

    I read through various comments from those that voted No. The situation is that the brains neurotransmitters are constantly being fired as you are going through the steps of the game (i.E. Killing, dodging bullets). As they are being activated the Brain is going through the traumatized process of being shot and also giving releasing the Dopamine when you are winning and shooting opponents. When you go to sleep you are reliving that process. I stopped playing Phantom Ghost Recon as my dreams became more about shooting or being attacked, my nights became restless. I dont smoke, do drugs nor do I do I drink nor am I on any medication. I am college grad who hits the gym 3/4 times week and runs alot. So I would say I am pretty healthy human being. The games nowadays are so realistic its like you living through mental imagery. This is used in Sports Psychology when you close your eyes and see your self winning or going through various steps. This imagery becomes ingrained in neural pathways and you brain starts to see this imagery more realistic. I honestly think games like these should be banned as they pay no useful purpose but instead are very detrimental to the human development of an individual.

  • Violent Video Games CAN Contribute to Behaviorial Issues

    Shooting a gun, kicking or hitting a video game character, killing a player or character, or causing mass destruction within a video game carries no repercussions. There is no PTSD, loss of hearing, pain, blood, fear, etc. Thus, it is possible that video games contribute to a desensitization of a person's perception of violence.

  • Yes, if issues already exist.

    If a child already has behavioral issues, then violent video games can make those issues worse. In an average child, with no other issues, no, I don't believe violent video games will lead t behavior problems. However, if a child already has some violent tendencies, seeing the things that go in in Call of Duty could make the issue worse.

  • Yes in some cases

    To say no one will be affected by violent video games is wrong. I think if someone isn't old enough to tell the difference between reality and fiction then they are going to be affected. I think the majority of the population can tell the difference we just have to watch out for some kids.

  • In extreme cases

    This is why these games have a maturity rating on them, they're not supposed to be in the hands of minds that aren't fully developed and under tons of pressure from the culture of grade school. Is somebody that would never hurt a fly going to become a mass murderer from playing violent games? No, but somebody on the edge can get pushed over by them.

  • If the wrong person is playing

    Unfortunately, I do feel video games can lead to behavioral issues, if the wrong person is playing these video games. If someone is mentally unstable and playing a very violent game, such as Grand Theft Auto, this could very well lead to this person having issues with violence because they saw it in the game.

  • In a small percentage of the population video games can lead to negative behavior

    Like anything else introduced into society video games are a fun distraction for a majority of the population. There is always going to be a subset of the culture that will take something disturbing they saw and use it to justify and act in real life. It's too bad some people have to ruin all the fun.

  • I think so.

    I think it makes the violent behavior seem acceptable Therefore it could lead a child to deal with a situation in an inappropriate manner (i.e. violently). I agree that playing them can lead to desensitizing a person to situations and not reacting to situations appropriately. I really think we need to find better ways to spend our time than playing violent games.

  • Video games have been scientifically proven to DECREASE real life violence.

    Stupidity is to deny what has been scientifically or logically proven and believe what you wish was true. There is PROOF that video games DECREASE violent tendencies. A study was done on 11,000 children over the course of 10 years to see if video games were dangerous. And the conclusion was that video games make them LESS violent! If you think that video games cause real life violence, I don't know how else to say this, you're incredibly stupid.

  • Violent video games do not lead to behavioral issues.

    Violent video games do not lead to behavioral issues. I think children today growing up with as much technology that they have should know that the video games that they are playing are not a real reflection to the outside real world. I think it is up to the parents to monitor the video games that their children are playing.

  • I Doubt It

    While I think it would be interesting to have a full on study done about violent video games and their effects on behavior, I have to assume that they do not. I believe violent video games are just that, games. I think people know enough to realize there is more violence and crime in games and on TV, then there is in real life.

  • Wrong Question

    The question here is asking if it is possible, its obviously possible and has occurred before. The real question is: Are violent video games destructive to the average child's behaviours? (or something along those lines) About 97% of all teens have played video games. I don't think that 97% of this generation have behavioural issues.

  • Actually...

    No, they don't. A lot of violence occurs because of other, more deep-seated problems. If a child isn't raised right, i.e. taught the difference between a game and real life, and the value of morals, then really video games are no more the problem than movies and music. I can turn on the television and see just as much violence, and even more sexual content, than in most video games.

  • No, I believe this is misdirection.

    I believe that a violent video game can no more lead to behavioral issues than a violent movie, a violent hip hop song, or a violent experience. Sure all kids are different and some things influence them more than others. However, I believe this is a societal issue which cannot be fixed by looking at a single aspect of it.

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