• We just need to change

    Wars are caused by internal conflict between humans, and humans are the ones who are causing this war, what we need is to be able to unite everyone under a common cause to be able to stop thinking about war. We need an enemy bigger than the world so that the world can unite, i dont believe in aliens but maybe we can unite to save our world from global warming and such

  • War could stop

    I think war could stop because not everybody wants to have conflict. The world could change if everybody live a normal life in peace. War could change people/places/and religious beliefs. The world was made to be a peaceful place were human beings could live in harmony. War could stop if we all help.

  • Yes, wars can become history if humans give up greed and decide to live in peace.

    If man sees the futility of fighting wars and decides to amicably resolve disputes for the larger good, like Europe which after centuries of fighting wars have come together to create a powerful grouping called European Union. Such long-term vision in the larger interest of the society along with large scale promotion of concepts like non-violence will go a long way in discouraging people from fighting wars.

    Posted by: WillyN4t3
  • War itself is not intrinsically human, so yes it can be eliminated.

    War in the sense of armed battles waged between nations can be eliminated if we learn the lessons of history. Human evolution - development of better thinking models - could see war obliterated one day, but I think people will always wage small battles to be the best because I think that kind of warring competition is in fact human nature.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • It would take more than 4 millenniums to get there.

    It has been 2 millenniums that passed after Christ. How much did mankind changed ?? Hardly anything from an historical point a view. There are still people being burned alived for their believes, and " tribes / contrys , killing each other for power. Arround the year 10.000 a.C. Maybe

  • Global trends are actually improving

    War in conflict has actually been becoming more and more rare over the past 20 years I find these stats encouraging. As a species we are primarily social and designed by evolution to work together. That's how we've built cities, countries, ventured into space and cured so many diseases that were once considered incurable. At one point in our history we had small tribes that competed and with each other for territory and has history has progresses we have merged tribes through cultural entanglement either by domination or by trade and learning more of each other. The results of having fewer and bigger tribes meant we have been able to build stronger and better communities. We now live in an information age where it is possible for people in even some of the poorest of regions to learn about the world and we're accomplishing more than ever as a result. For this reason I see global peace provided we continue to promote global education as an inevitability. See source on global conflic attached: http://www.Systemicpeace.Org/conflict.Htm

  • That's Easy!

    Step one, have several very devastating wars so that the population is greatly reduced, say down to may a few hundred. Next, let those who remain squabble for a while until there are only two left. Finally, allow for a means by which one may kill the other, or failing that a means by which they cause each others death. Problem solved... Maybe I should have said NO?

  • Yes, because humans can become peaceful and live in harmony, instead of destroying ourselves.

    There are two ways that war can cease to exist. Either humans will learn to live in harmony, which we have gradually worked towards over the course of many generations, or we will completely destroy ourselves before we reach this point. Either way, war eventually will end, because humans cannot continue fighting each other forever.

    Posted by: LivingJimmy
  • War can cease to exist, but certain factors must be in place for this to be possible.

    To start we would need to have a world culture, religion and community. Perceived differences among men create war inevitably. Additionally, power, wealth and rights among men must be equal. Disparities between people create war. What is most important is that we remove violence from our lives and learn from history that war is a vicious cycle which no one wins.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • We just need to change

    Wars are caused by internal conflict between humans, and humans are the ones who are causing this war, what we need is to be able to unite everyone under a common cause to be able to stop thinking about war. We need an enemy bigger than the world so that the world can unite, i dont believe in aliens but maybe we can unite to save our world from global warming and such

  • No

    War is very human. We fight one another to gain power and secure the safety of our selves and our "Family, Tribe, State, Country etc." as long as humanity exists there will never be a true peace, because as long as humans walk the earth, they will find a reason to fight one another.

  • As long as there are males, there will be war.

    Generally speaking, the war mentality seems to be built into the DNA of men. They seem to like war and even after the wars are over, they go on about them for years. Women appear to be peacemongers and do not like war or the discussions of war. Men think first with their fists. Women find other ways to win an argument.

  • till the end of time

    Throughout history civilizations have declared wars for valuables, land and most of all resources. Even now in the 21st century dominant super power states are invading foreign lands for resources, profit for oil and weapon companies. And the population in these powerful nations are being fed by propaganda by the media against these "rogue nations" belief and their way of life as savages.

    These so called noble nations want to impose their imperfect laws to the rest of the world. And if these "rogue states" don't follow these powerful nations laws or support them, then they either get sanctioned or bombed.

    wars will exist till then end of times. I'm not religious. But what some monotheistic religions say is true. example in Islam even the angels questioned why God would want to create humans who will spoil the earth and commit all kinds of atrocities.

    Humans are a unique species indeed. As the most intelligent species in the planet we should have avoided wars but instead our brains are used to create sophisticated weapons to murder innocent people and destroying the earth's natural habitat.

    popular Science fiction always depicts overpopulation and earth being barren and lifeless due to humans and then humans building spaceship to find and colonize other habitable worlds. To me it sounds like we are trying to escape from our own mess. Before we start thinking about living in outer space maybe we should think about how to make this planet safe to live. Since it is the only planet we have to call home.

  • No, it is our primitive instinct to acquire and maintain territory that makes us react in a warlike manner.

    Humans are territorial and generally aggressive. This is our nature. As long as mankind continues to be ruled by the instinct to acquire land, there will be war. From the need of a tribal warlord to control the largest area possible, to the need for a country to maintain its borders, war over land is timeless and unavoidable.

    Posted by: CowardlyJoan92
  • Conflict is natural within our existence as their will always be equal and opposite poles.

    You can't have heaven without hell. You can't have hot without cold, and you can't have up without down. War will continuously exist due to the fact that for every action their will always be an equal and opposite reaction, as Sir Isaac Newton put it. Their will always be at least two sides to an argument and we will always be fighting, in my opinion.

    Posted by: AnnoyedDong77
  • As long as humanity exists, war will happen.

    Wars have happened because, ultimately, a few people have influenced a nation to go to war based on the emotions of humanity. As long as the bad vices of humanity exist, war will always exist. War has occurred since the beginning of the human race, and I don't think it will end anytime soon, unless something miraculous happens. We are, after all, our own worst enemies.

    Posted by: TickoNest
  • War could never cease to exist, because of the way most people are.

    It is sad to say, but some people are just prone to being jealous, angry and violent, as well. They will go through any means to get exactly what they want or feel that they are due. It is because of this, that war will always exist. Sometimes, war is also necessary to contain those who lead via unfair tactics.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • As long as mankind has any form of jealousy, hate, anger, or lust, there will be war.

    Since the natural emotions and feelings of humanity will always exist, so will war exist. War is brought on by these negative feelings for one person, or group of people towards another. While one person may be able to control their responses to these feelings, it is highly unlikely that every person will control those responses. Thus, war will occur eventually, even in a peaceful society.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • No, true peace in the world is just a figment of imagination in everyone's mind.

    Peace will never exist in the world, because somewhere and sometime in the world, someone will be having a dispute and it will always escalate into something bigger, such as war. Since the beginning of time, war has always existed. The forms may have changed, from fist-fighting and head-on battles, to a war made of words. And now, a war where one country could blow the other country to nothing in a matter of minutes. War will never cease to exist.

    Posted by: RMicheal
  • Nature is red in tooth and claw...

    It is the nature of all life to secure for itselves and it's posterity as many resources as possible. That means war with others who want those resources for their own posterity. Only in a future so resource rich that no one can ever lack for anything he or she may desire could war be averted. Not likely under even the most optimistic science fiction scenarios.

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