• Yes. Washington, namely both Congress and the White House, have the potential to boost the economy.

    While many of us believe that Washington did a messy job in terms of economics, the effects of the stimulus package is undeniable. CBO has estimated that it save a minimum of 1 million jobs, with an upper range of 3-4 million jobs. However, the political gridlock forces us to reconsider the “yes”. If the Republicans are willing to give up their “no new taxes” policy, (the Democrats already made compromises on tax increases) then Congress will have the potential to reform the government and thus the economy.

  • Yes. Washington can boost the U.S. economy through decreased regulation.

    Washington can definitely bolster the United States economy through decreased regulations on upstart businesses. Right now it takes a lot of money to start a business in America because of strict federal regulations that must be met. In an economy this bad, this is a death penalty for new upstart businesses.

  • By loosening restrictions, Washington can boost the U.S. economy.

    The U.S. economy has thrived in the past when a free and competitive market has been nurtured. When Washington loosens some of its current restrictions (including regulations and taxes) on the players in this market, the market will be healthier and the overall national economy will be boosted. This is how Washington can help us succeed.

  • Never Will Economic Prosperity Rise Again

    When I hear of a reference to Washington, I think the President and those nasty liberals that have ruined our economy by forcing Americans to buy ObamaCare. This has been the most devastating event in the history of the United States since the Depression of 1929. Never have I seen the American people so angry because there insurance premiums are being doubled (Truth #1). All of the extra money being paid toward premiums are causing major hardships (Truth #2). ObamaCare itself has caused THOUSANDS of jobs because the government has mandated the employees working more than 30 hours a week must receive health benefits, which no employers can support, so employers are making full-time employees work "part-time status" (Truth #3). There is no way that these facts can be disputed because unless you have been living under a rock for the fours years we have a ton of liberals in Congress and the Presidency that LOVE pushing their agency on everyone else even when they claim to come to "partisan agreements" (which never happens in a liberal senate!

  • No, it's not that simple.

    No, Washington alone cannot boost the economy. Washington does not have a magic wand to wave to make everything better. The government can certainly help, but with all the political gridlock by the republicans, not a lot of progress can be made. What can boost the economy is a living wage, and regulations on price controls.

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