• Cost of Debt

    America needs to pull back on Foreign Aid, Defense spending, all funds to IMF and UN. American need to get to the point we have zero debt and have a raining day fund. Once we have fixed our own country educated and feed our own people then we can help other countries. We need to quit playing the worlds police. We need to quit helping countries to the point they get dependent on our support. If we ever have a financial crash and I think we will if we do not get debt under control many countries are going suffer more then they need to because they have become so dependent on our funding. Also the American tax payers should be able to keep those tax dollars then donate them to the causes of their choice instead of the government leeching that money and spending it on what cause they thing are more important. The average person is well better off the federal government when it comes to management of debt and controlling there own money.

  • The world will keep turning.

    Yes, we can afford to cut foreign aid, because the nations that accept it often don't even pass it down to the people. The United States is in a no-win situation. If we cut foreign aid we are stingy, but if we give foreign aid we are using it to try to meddle in the affairs of other nations. The aid we are giving to Egypt isn't even legal, because they are in civil war.

  • Yes, we can afford to cut foreign aid.

    I definitely think the U.S.A. can afford to cut foreign aid. I do not think the United States of America can continue to spend money to send to countries that don't always have our best interests in mind. I think the U.S.A. should decide where the cuts can happen and start saving some of the funds.

  • We can't afford not to give foreign aid.

    I really don't think we can afford to cut foreign aid. For one thing, it's less than two percent of our total annual budget in the United States. If we must cut from the budget, defense can do with a few billion less than it already consumes. We need to give foreign aid to keep our friends close.

  • It's Not Likely

    I doubt it is possible for the United States to cut foreign aid. From my understanding there is a lot of misinformation about foreign aid in the United States and the actual budgeted amount is quite low. Given this information, I believe it would be wrong for us to cut it.

  • Have to check priorities

    The US (and any powerful country, for that matter) does not get to keep its standing on the world stage without aid to foreign countries. While people assume a power is decided by its military might alone they have a far too narrow view of foreign policy - and incorrect.

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