• Temperature changes are rather easy to detect

    If it is noticeably warmer, well, then right off the bat we have noticed the temperature has changed. The same can be said of cold spells. Wrapped up though we may be in our technological cocoons, human beings still have an inkling of actual animal left in there. Animals sense climate and environmental changes as a method of adapting and surviving.

  • Yes, I think that would be a combination of senses.

    Human bodies produce a weak electromagnetic field, if away from other sources of electromagnetism, the only magnetic fields to sense would be the planet’s, your own, and those of others. Since there’s no interference, it would be easier to sense the change in magnetic fields caused when a person moves

  • Yes, we as humans can sense the temperature changing.

    Yes, we has humans can sense the temperature changing. When I am inside and it feels too hot and stuffy, I feel a difference as soon as I turn on the air conditioning. One day in my bowling league, it was too hot and stuffy inside the bowling alley. They turned on the air conditioning and people and I could feel the difference immediately. Also, when a cold front passes through the region and the wind shifts to the north, people have been known to show an immediate sign of relief.

  • Yes, we as human beings can really sense the temperature changing.

    Yes, we as human beings can really sense the temperature changing. As an example the increase in temperature and heat waves causes heat stress and severe health risks affecting people of all age groups. The human capacity to tolerate and acclimatize to the changing temperatures is revealed through the bodies capacity to detect, tolerate and withstand climate changes.

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