• We can avoid a future where antibiotics no longer work.

    We can avoid a future where antibiotics no longer work. By creating new antibiotics we will be able to get rid of the ones that are body are no longer working with. I think the human lifespan also has something to do with it because we do not live long.

  • Yes, we can

    Strands of various diseases evolve to beat antibiotics we have, but we fight back by hitting them with more developed ones. As long as science stays on top of things we should be able to continue "mixing it up" so that they are never immune to everything we can throw at him.

  • We can, if we use antibiotics responsibly

    Antibiotics are an important tool in our fight against disease. Like any tool, they must be used properly. Pathogens are living things, and like all living things, they evolve. Antibiotics, when used as directed, can kill pathogens and cure disease. However, failure to use a full course of antibiotics can cause us to selectively breed a new generation of super-pathogens. If we use antibiotics responsibly, and continue to develop new ones, they will continue to be useful.

  • Yes we can

    We are much smarter than germs and biology. We can find a cure to the super viruses and infections. There are many huge medical companies and brilliant scientists that can solve this. It will not be easy but it will be done. There is too much money to be made to not solve this problem.

  • Yes, I think we can avoid a future where antibiotics no longer work.

    While there has been much worry lately in the scientific community that viruses and bacteria will eventually be able to form immunity to our antibiotics I think there will be significant research in this field and a suitable solution will be found before we reach that point, there is so much at stake on this issue I have to think there is a solution out there.

  • No, diseases adapt faster than we do.

    Just look at the new Tuberculosis strains in some countries in Africa that have been adapting to antibiotics. Our science and technology hasn't been fast enough to fight back against rapidly adapting viruses. It really is an uphill battle in this case, and the best thing we can do is invest more money into R&D.

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