Can we be certain that the Christian God is "good" and that the biblical Satan is evil?

  • Its a story with characters.

    Sure we can after all the bible is a story, and stories have good and bad characters in them. In the bible Stan is said to be bad and God is said to be good, so we can say this is so. Whether we perceive that god is good is a whole other matter. I would say both God and Satan are bad in these stories.

    BTW: Stories are to be read fairy tales or myth.

  • Yes we can be absolutely sure.

    I hear all these people say that the God of the Old Testament is evil. Can you give me one single verse to prove this? Until you give me credible evidence your assertion means nothing. Second how could Jesus have been evil too if he came down and was beaten and shed his blood because he loved us. I this evil? I suggest that all of you read your Bibles in context and provide some proof to your claims. Please post any verses to prove your point on my wall. Thank you and God bless you all.

  • History is written by the victors

    The bible is supposed to be the work of God. If you take that literally, then what we have is a story written by the victor (God) in a battle between God and Satan. The narrator in this case is likely to be unreliable. Of course God would write things like "I'm absolutely good", "I only say the truth", and "I was justified in defeating Satan." However, the subtext of the bible tells a different story -- the god of the old testament is a cruel, jealous, vindictive tyrant, who kills children and rapes people's minds to get his way (see Exodus). This is just like if Hitler had won WWII -- we'd all be learning in school about what a great and wonderful leader he was, but if you really studied the history, you'd find out that he was evil.

    Taking the bible on its own terms, I'd bet that Satan was actually the good guy, and God was the evil one. Of course, the bible's just a fairy tale anyway so it doesn't really matter.

  • The Christian God is evil

    The Christian "God" within the Bible literally calls himself evil and bad. And he certainly acts like it. Even Jesus Christ says horrible things, talking about murdering children and destroying families and burning the Earth to a cinder. The Bible is simply a horrific book, but ironically Satan, the supposed evildoer, doesn't do much evil in the Bible.

  • No, these are symbolic names.

    Truly nothing that we can say about God encompasses all that the divine is. Naming this presence by necessity demeans it. And Satan is just a fallen angel who symbolizes the shadow side of life. We have no way of talking about these realities without personifying them in order to describe them.

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