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  • I love how everyone bashes fast food, not for its disgustingness, but for its unhealthiness

    I'm not a health nut. The choices I make aren't always the best choices, but people please stop being full of it. LMAO. You know you hate fast food because it's outright gross and makes you wanna puke. LMAO. It's annoying when people hide their real reasons and give phony reasons. LMAO

  • No, fast food is not to blame for weight gain; unhealthy choices are.

    It's easy to take a hit at something that obviously is making people gain weight, and that's high-calorie, high-fat fast food. But we also need to be honest and realize that fast food has catered to the whims of consumers. As an example, people wanted larger portion sizes, so restaurants started super-sizing everything. Portion control is important for everyone to know about and use. Additionally, people should eat out only on special occasions, as used to be the habit, rather than for many meals multiple times a week. Eating at home and preparing your own meals is the best way to maintain a healthy diet. No one is forcing people to eat fast food. We're making our own unhealthy decisions that are leading to weight gain.

  • Fast food is NOT to blame.

    No because we have the choice of what we eat and if we eat fast food we should know what to expect. If you don't want to be fat don't eat fast food. Just eat at home. Fast food is okay to have every once in a while but you can't blame fast food places.

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