• CO2 Discharge Causes Global Warming

    It has been proven that CO2 discharge contributes greatly to global warming, so we can blame such discharge on the warming of the Earth. However, it's important to remember that other substances and actions can cause global warming to worsen. CO2 discharge isn't the only culprit in this phenomenon today.

  • Yes, it seems so.

    Global warming is a real problem and our emissions of CO2 seem to be a big part of the problem. We want our vehicles and our manufacturing systems and our air conditioning and we do not want to give them up. This is filling the air with things that are polluting the planet and changing climate.

  • It has to be a factor

    When you're releasing emissions from so many years of oil into the air in such a short period of time, it's hard to imagine it not being a factor in the rapidly changing climate. I know we have people out there denying this exists but it absolutely does, the only thing left to be determined is the culprit. This is likely one of them.

  • There just isn't proof.

    Yes, we can blame global warming on CO2 discharge, because there is not any evidence that there is so much CO2 discharge that it is literally affecting the temperature of the earth. Those who are skeptical have found many problems with the theories of scientists who believe that global warming is man made. We just don't have enough evidence to prove it.

  • CO2 is a trace gas, only 0.0314%

    CO2 is a trace gas composing only 0.0314% of the atmosphere. Even if you double the amount its still trace. If CO2 increases in the atmosphere, which it has, it is a good thing. Plants flourish. If the temperature does increase its a good thing for everyone. Apart from a tad of geothermal heat and a wisp of heat from nuclear power generators, every bit of surface energy (including coal and biomass) comes directly or indirectly from the sun.

  • No, there is not enough proof.

    No, we cannot blame global warming on CO2 discharge, because there are a lot of scientists who do not believe that global warming is caused by CO2. While most scientists agree that the earth is getting warming, many meteorologists believe that it is because of natural cycles within the earth's life. More research and study is needed before reaching a decision on the cause of global warming.

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