Can we blame the 2nd amendment for the recent outbreak of killings?

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  • Criminals do not obey laws

    Not only do criminals not obey laws they do not buy into the social contract. Crazies do not follow societal norms. Politicians are weak-kneed and spineless to actually do any real work and address the root causes. The Second Amendment is what allows us normal people who respect each other to defend ourselves.

  • Simple values

    Guns are a tool. The problem therefore must be the people. Would you blame the hammer if new construction fell to the ground? No, you would look to the folks that did the work. We have done some very poor work with respect to raising our families. Broken homes, harmful porn, bad music, movies that glorify killing to solve the problem of the bad guy, and such low moral standards all around. We are building a poor home and it is falling down around us. Let us not blame the tool and look to ourselves for better work on the foundation.

  • Guns do not kill people, people kill people

    By believing that guns kill people, your train of logic would take you to believe a number of different things that people would believe to be "outrageous". Cars, for example, a large amount of deaths (more than gun related deaths) in this country are due to automobile accidents. So should we outlaw cars? Of course, not. How about breathing? Natural causes is a reason for many, many deaths in this country. We cannot outlaw breathing. Many say that this logic is ridiculous, however it is the SAME logic that people who want to regulate guns give. The second amendment cannot be blamed. Guns were meant to protect from the government and from criminals. If you outlaw guns, the only people you are taking guns away from is law-abiding citizens. Criminals will get guns one way or another because they are just that-criminals. There is no way there is any correlation to the recent mass murders and the second amendment.

  • No!

    We cannot blame the rights of Americans for the recent shootings. The majority of gun owners have a weapon for their own protection, simply stowed away in their home somewhere, not to be used unless in dire situations. The recent shootings were from mentally challenged fellows whom had access to a firearm. There was no stopping these people.

  • Gun owners aren't all murderers

    The 2nd Amendment, if interpreted to mean that citizens may own guns, is not a license for gun owners to shoot whomever they want. Murder is illegal, obviously, and owning a gun doesn't turn a normal person into a murderer. Certain tests should be done to ensure the gun owner is responsible before allowing them to possess one. Many killers own guns that they didn't purchase legitimately, so they are at an advantage if we ban legal gun ownership.

  • We Should Not Blame the 2nd Amendment

    The 2nd Amendment is not to blame for the recent outbreak of killings. We have nobody but ourselves to blame for those killings. If that amendment needs to be adjusted we should have done it by now. We really need to do something about the gun control in this country.

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