• Well, it is possible, and physics is important, to break laws to make people understand better

    It is very possible that we can break the laws of physics, because in this universe, nothing is without physics, so it is possible that we can change the laws, for example, there is a law: nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, but who knows there is something that can, because it is very possible, why, it is physics, remember, physics have no accurate answers, because it is possible to change, SO ANYTHING YOU DON"T AGREE JUST REPLY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well, It depends on you definition of "laws"

    If you define physical laws as scientific theories, then yes, you can break them: CAN- If you make a revised of a previous incorrect one, then yes, you technically "broke" the laws of physics compared to your knowledge at that time.

    If you define the definition as the way the universe works universally, then no. Then again, since the universe is infinite in spacetime, the laws of physics could be different in different areas.

  • It's why they're called laws.

    The other poster is clearly under the fallacy of believing science is not accurate because it changes. On the contrary, science is accurate BECAUSE it changes to reflect observation. We cannot break the laws of physics, because they are laws. I have challenged him to debate me, we'll see if he accepts!

  • Breaking the laws of physics is fundamentally impossible

    To break the laws of physics is simply to do something not currently supported by the human understanding of the behavior of the universe. It is physics that allows everything in the universe to occur.

    That being said, it is possible to do something we didn't at first think possible, however to do something not supported by physics is impossible because physics is the basis of everything.

  • My idea on this debate

    Physics is and are what it is and are and the human cannot change that. Scientists have done like lots and lots of research and found certain things that have been proven those ideas. This is very hard to change, if not impossible for the human race. This is the way it is and this can and will not be changes in the future.

  • No you can't if it's a accurate law.

    You can't break the laws of physics but we can get information about the laws incorrect. Laws can be revised and corrected but you can't really break the laws of physics. It's not something you can just break or change by doing an action. It's stupid to think that something like the Laws of Thermodynamics or other laws of physics.

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