• I'm in the process of building a new house.

    Everything in the world is an arrangement of objects relative to a certain time or space. For something to not exist it must not occupy space or time and must not contain any objects. Thus, we can conclude that because everything we see is an arrangement of objects if we arrange said objects differently we will have created something new. New things are thinks which have never existed before, if we re-arrange something and put it in a different space or time it will be new. Thus, my building a house (arranging the building materials in a specific space which nobody has seen before) one creates an entirely new thing.

  • New in the sense of arrangements.

    Alot of our universe is composed of matter. The different arrangements of matter makes different types of molecules. And molecules make up many varieties of interactive things like water, earth, fire, solid, gas, liquids, etc. With that, I think the possibilities of creating something out by design is infinite. I know that using infinite is a bold claim but the way we can rearrange things using our minds, body, and knowledge. We can do anything. It even exceeds the billions or trillions of stars and planets in the universe because the number of combinations and permutations rearranging things is like uncountable. New in the sense of design and not in the sense of pure random chaos, that I can agree upon.

  • All we know is of things we've seen

    We can't create something completely original because our database of "things" are things which already exist. We cannot create something that has no link to things in our reality, like a new color. Simply put, the past ideas and thing we've seen influence us to create different things, but all the things we create are combinations of things which we have seen before, rather than something absolutely new.

  • This is a man can not do.

    We humans are indeed smart, but everything that we have creat, was already in existance, all we did was mix it together to get diffrent properties. But to creat somthing out of none existance, like a diffrent can of air without using the existance air rich we alrady have, or creating a different kind of animal with experimenting with already existing animal. We can only play with what he have, but to creat a whole new thing out of nothing, we cannot do.

  • Nothing is new that's under the sun

    Every idea is inspired by another idea or set of them. If there were no ideas, mankind could do nothing, because we would be incapable of creating an idea. Also, it depends on the definition of create being used, but we may not be able to even create, but simply rearrange the existing. Nothing is new. Both ideas and matter are merely modified, never created.

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Juan_Pablo says2015-01-02T20:14:22.200
Well, it is possible to create matter particles from energy, so in a way we can. However, the Law of the Conservation of Energy says that energy can neither be created or destroyed--just transformed. On that basis we can't create something entirely original from something that has not already existed in our universe.